Under-reported Stories

Uranium One
Fast & Furious
IRS targeting
Cash to Iran
Rigging a primary against Bernie
Illegally storing emails
Paying for a fake dossier
Lying under oath
Spying on Trump

“MimiLou,” poem by Day Williams


Light bulbs talk back to MimiLou,
Who counts and skips the sidewalk cracks;
Her doctor is an alien
Who speaks in riddles with a knack.

She understands the sparrows’ songs,
Which she interprets for the ants;
The social worker recommends
She take a class in modern dance.

She pushes her grocery cart across
The street from parking lot to bench;
If somebody would hear her out
She’d teach them how to turn a wrench.

When winds blast loud and clouds grow dark
And raindrops herald coming storms,
The deputy can’t make her go
To the homeless shelter to stay warm.

“Please go,” he urges, then she tells
Where she concealed a homemade bomb;
“You’ve gone too far this time,” he says,
“I’ll have to take you in, Mom.”

~Day Williams


Good Government

The patriots who made America
Great did not shrink from challenges and some
Gave their own lives–not for vacation days
And pension plans–but for the right to live

And build and love, pursuing happiness
In freedom, saved from the king’s heavy hand.
Good government comes from sound reasoning
With principles that take account of law

And human needs as well as stewardship
Of resources to meet today’s demand,
Pay debts and keep reserves for rainy days.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Protect the people from abuses that
An overzealous and tyrannical
Agency or official could inflict
On citizens, who have less power than

The forces that the government can wield.
Shall government expand its reach, or stay
Within its present limits? Private groups
And companies: What influence should

They have on the decisions made for all?
What happened to states’ rights, the concept that
The States would have more power than the Feds
Except for certain areas prescribed

For them, such as the military, roads,
Post offices, treaties with other lands?
Shall not the States have rights to educate
Their citizens as they think best for them?

The President lets endless wars drag on
Like wounded beasts limping to waterholes.
He looks at profit, not the cost in lives,
And the Joint Chiefs refine their schemes for more.

What is this right of privacy that Roe
Invented to allow the baby deaths
By tens of millions, Moloch’s barbarism?
And Congress, like a boy who stubbornly

Refuses to perform his chores, has given up
Its power to declare a war . . . or not.
Without the fear of God to curb desires,
Men take the lowest, quickest roads, and men

Lose touch with lovingkindness, empathy,
And senses of fair play that drive most people.
Rogue agents and the Deep State, aided by
Some corporations linked to billionaires,

Usurp the rule of law and warp the press
So that the legal system can’t control,
Deter, or prosecute their monstrous crimes.
To have the innocents be massacred

And profit thus from short sale of the stock–
Such evil go unpunished often, which
Encourages more crime throughout the world.
Elected representatives decide

That they’ll pretend the land and money grabs
Do not take place–or they’re too compromised
To write the laws or take the actions that
Would stop the greedy globalists, who plan

To herd the masses into megacities
And social-engineer each person’s life.
The Fourth Estate, which once held government
To close account for questionable deals,

Too biased to investigate without
Regard to parties, and too indolent
To stray from corporate narratives, becomes
A hiding place for “journalists” who have

Poor ethics, while the independent press,
Still impecunious, has forged first-class
Fresh work that goes where cowards cowering
In mainstream pressrooms are afraid to go.

Who will arise to battle tyranny,
The many-headed serpent with forked tongue,
Gorged on its gold and power and control?
Sleeper, awake, help win the worthy fight.

~Day Williams

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Thoughtfulobserver @Begood
a month ago · edited

Watching this amazing Q story unfold for the last year and a half, has been a great education.

As we live in this world ,and awaken to this hidden reality, its really far more than just watching a political soap opera play out. This is a greater force of reality, global in scope now. a world revolution happening. and one NOT being televised by the deep state’s MSM. Now more than ever should folks appreciate the Internet and places like Gab.

Fascinating to learn the true history of things long hidden. realizing that our history has been hidden for HUNDREDS of years.

The Great Awakening that chronicles the constitutional Patriots campaign led by President Trump, to take back our country and remove the Deep State Cabal that has controlled it since the First Revolution has been planned for at least 55 years. That alone, is mind-boggling. The white hat generals keeping the eternal flame going, must have talked to Donald Trump in the 80’s, and finally the day came to start (1999) and again,18 years after that, to win the election and begin again.

18 months ago, internet researchers who like to learn things stumbled upon this whistleblower spokesman/representative type person (or group) named Q.

And now ,we seem to be approaching the key time in the unfolding story where criminals will meet justice. I’m rooting for justice, but I don’t need to see the sentences carried out in public (as some others do). I like the soft approach.

This story of Good winning against Evil, is also one of tragedy and sadness. As we win back our country’s freedom, there is also grief to release for what suffering has been long endured by people and generations past. I think of how patriotic scribes like Mark Twain, George Carlin, George Orwell, Will Rogers, Edward R. Murrow, and many other truth seekers would have loved to be alive and witnessing these times. But it is now we who become the Witnesses of the second American Revolution.

I’m reminded of the wisdom of the old bumper sticker from the 70’s that said “The Revolution will not be televised.” How true that has become. What it didn’t know back then, was there would come the internet.

The Great Awakening story seems the most complex puzzle you will ever witness. I cant grasp all the loose ends, but Q does a good job guiding the narrative.

Mostly I start with Qanonpub.com. I look at Trump Tweets, the QMAP, and the Q Research catalog. I also try to read through the Anon posts there as well, since they contribute to some great insights.

I rarely watch television and never read newspapers. The internet is the Great Library of research and revelation.


I genuinely feel sorry for you if you’re getting your “news” from CNN & MSNBC. That’s a real shame, I’m sorry. ~Dan Bongino

Romans 10:9-10 NIV

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

Romans 10:9-10 NIV


1 “God gave to Bezalel, Oholiab,

And others skills required to build a place

Of worship, and they’ll follow God’s instructions.”

2 Then Moses brought together all these workers,

Eager to work, 3 and gave them money that

The Israelites had donated to build

The place of worship. 4 In fact, so much money

Was being given every morning, that

Finally everyone stopped working and

Said, “Moses, we already have more money

Than what we need for what the LORD assigned

Us to do.” Therefore Moses sent out word

For people to stop giving, and they did,

But they already had more than enough

To do what needed to be done. The craftsmen

Convened to make the sacred tent and all

Its linen curtains woven with blue, purple,

And red wool and embroidered with the figures

Of some winged creatures. Each of the ten panels

Was fourteen yards long and two yards wide, and

Craftsmen sewed them together to make two

Curtains which had five panels each. Then they

Put fifty loops of blue cloth on one of

The wider sides of every curtain, and

They hooked together the two curtains at

The loops with fifty gold hooks. And goat hair

Was used as the tent material

To weave eleven sections fifteen yards

By two yards each, and these eleven sections

Were joined to make two panels, one with five;

The other with six sections. Fifty loops

Were put along one of the wider sides

Of every panel. The two panels were

Affixed at loops with fifty bronze hooks, and

Two other coverings were made: One with

Fine leather and the other with ram skins

Dyed red. Acacia wood was used to build

The framework for the sacred tent’s four walls.

Each frame was fifteen feet high and it was

Twenty‑seven inches wide and it had

Two wooden pegs close to the bottom. Then

Two silver stands were placed beneath each frame

With sockets for the pegs, so that they could

Be joined together. Twenty of these frames

Were used along the south side; twenty more

Were used along the north. Six frames were used

For the back wall along the west side with

Two frames more at the corners in the southwest

And northwest corners. All these corner frames

Were joined from top to bottom. Altogether,

Along the back wall were eight frames which had

Two silver stands beneath them each. Five crossbars

Were made for each one of the wooden frames,

And had the center crossbar run along

The full length of the wall. The frames and crossbars

Were covered up with gold, and gold rings were

Attached to frames to run the crossbars through.

To make the inside curtain, they used some

Fine linen woven with blue, purple, and

Red wool, embroidered with the figures of

Winged creatures. Also, they made four acacia       

Wood posts and covered them with gold. Then they

Attached gold rings onto the posts, which were

Set on the silver stands. For the tent entrance,

They used a curtain of fine linen woven

With blue and purple and red wool which was

Embroidered with some fancy needlework.

They made five posts and covered them completely

With gold, and set them each upon a gold‑

Covered bronze stand. And lastly, they attached

Some hooks upon the curtain at the last.

(rendered in blank verse by Day Williams)