“Highway 50” Series by Day Williams

“Highway 50,” Nevada

“The Loneliest Road in America”

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Greeting Card

“God Rocks” poster

“Skull on Wall” custom print

Desert Grave, Alkali Flat, Nevada


mining rig Ruth bw 3 10mb

“Mining Rig, Ruth” Postcard


“Mining Rig, Ruth” pen and ink, poster

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Wagon Wheel Middlegate 2 10mb

Binocular Man, Silver Springs, Nevada

“Binocular Man” Color Poster

“Binocular Man” black and white postcard

“Binocular Man” Postcardbarber shop Ely.sml

barbed wire bw.sml

Shoe Tree, Highway 50, Nevada

Chevy Grille, Ely, Nevada

Miner's Cabin

“Cabin Ruins” poster

Postcard of “Shoe Tree”

Postcard of Statue of Miner, Ely

Day Williams

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“Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

~Dt. 16:20

Justice for America, trashed by traitors.

Justice for President John F. Kennedy (d. 11/22/63)

Justice for Martin Luther King Jr. (d. 4/04/68)

Justice for Bobby Kennedy (d. 6/06/68) and for Sirhan Sirhan, framed.

Justice for the Boys on the Tracks (d. 8/23/87)
https://tinyurl.com/3aqzq9 (The Crimes of Mena)

Justice for Danny Casolaro (d. 8/10/91)

Justice for Waco victims (d. 4/19/93)

Justice for Vince Foster (d. 7/20/93)

Justice for victims of the Oklahoma City bombing (4/19/95)

Justice for JonBenét Patricia Ramsey  (d. 12/25-26/96)

Justice for the victims of the 9/11 attack (9/11/01).

Justice for Navy Seal Team Six (15 fatalities, 8/6/11).
Death of SEAL Team 6 – Set Up and Cover Up

Justice for victims of the Clinton Body Count


Justice for Americans killed in Benghazi (9/11-12/12)
https://tinyurl.com/y25ghmxj (Gun-running in Benghazi)

Justice for victims of Deep State fraud, corruption, false flags, and hoaxes.

Justice for Michael Hastings (d. 6/18/13)

Justice for Justice Antonin Scalia (d. 2/13/16)

Justice for Seth Rich (d. 7/10/16)

Seymour Hersh discussing Wikileaks DNC leaks Seth Rich & FBI report

Justice for victims of NXVIM.

Justice for victims of MKUltra and other human experimentation.

Justice for women assaulted, raped and acid-attacked by Muslims.

Justice for persecuted Christians.

Justice for children kidnapped, trafficked, beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered.

Justice for Donald Trump on Spygate.

Justice for churches in France that have been desecrated.

Justice and life for unborn and newborn children.

“Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God.”
~Revelation 3:2

Fiat justitia ruat cælum.

Statue of Lady Justice, Storey County Courthouse, Nevada, photo by Day Williams

Justice is not a cold thing; it is one of the hottest, fiercest, and most fundamental of the buried fires of our being.

~G. K. Chesterton

Important Stories that Fake News Ignores

Cover important stories, and cover them fairly, accurately, and thoroughly:

Pedophilia and Satanism in Hollywood

Worldwide sex trafficking
Christian massacres


Booker, Harris, Kim Foxx, and the Smollett hoax

The Awan Brothers’ spying

Jeffrey Epstein
Uranium One

Obama’s $65,000 pizza party while in the White House
Fast & Furious
IRS targeting
Cash to Iran
Rigging a primary against Bernie
Illegally storing emails
Bleach-bit and a hammer
Hillary and DNC paid foreign agent for phony dossier
Lying under oath
Spying on Trump

False flag shootings

The Las Vegas massacre

Sandy Hoax

Podesta emails
Haiti: Clinton / Silsby
Attempted soft coup against sitting President
Murder of Seth Rich
Weiner laptop
John Kerry meddles with Iran

Clinton body count

Hillary Clinton and the Waco massacre

DNC hired MS-13 as assassins

>100,000 sealed federal indictments

When Spies Run Free

“When Spies Run Free”

When spies run free, then why not me
Across the NSA?
I can record the campaign plans
Of billionaires with cares
The other side will not collide
Because we will assure their loss
I share the best intel with zest
When spies run free.

When spies run free, why not thee?
Uranium will glow
I will enrich my family
Pay to play in my prime
Run with the wind across the sea
And trade your country’s best
To reach the zone where it’s been stolen
When spies run free.

When spies run free, then history
May lay our secrets bare
Such theft can be a mockery
Of patriots called
To share their lights in planet nights.
Men have no friends in treachery
The conscience gnaws despite the cause
When spies run free.

~Day Williams

Betrayers #2

Betrayers #2

Clink! Thirty silver pieces in his palm,
Judas betrayed Him with a kiss at night,
Regretted it, tossed back the coins–no balm–
Went forth confused, committed suicide.

Overlooked for promotion, snubbed and bruised,
Or so this brilliant general complained,
So he betrayed America for loot,
And his Boot Monument–it bears no name.

Her handler-driver was a Chinese spy
Who noted every mood, each word she said;
She talked about the nation’s secrets–
Lied to FBI, said she was no Red.

Some will betray their country; some, a friend:
Betrayers never come to a good end.

~Day Williams