Sestina: Blood Covenants

Sestina: Blood Covenants


To make a wife for Adam, God spilled blood

By taking Adam’s rib, and Eden’s peace

Was sweet until they broke the law of God,

Who promised through another covenant

A seed to crush the serpent’s head. By faith

They left, the cherubim a flaming sign.


After the Flood, the rainbow was a sign.

God said to man, “Don’t eat your meat with blood

In it and do not kill,” so man by faith

In the Lord God Almighty would have peace

With Him and blessings in this covenant

Where Noah intervened for man with God.


Years later, Abraham was tried by God

Through sacrifice of Isaac as the sign

Of faith, the center of this covenant

In which in Isaac’s place a ram shed blood

As God commanded. Abraham gained peace

And blessings, for he showed unyielding faith.


After the plagues fell, Moses by his faith

Led the Israelites from Egypt, then God

Provided Ten Commandments that give peace

When followed, with the Sabbath Day a sign.

The Levites sacrificed the bulls, whose blood

Was confirmation of this covenant,


For blood must spill before a covenant

Will work. The Israelites, of faulty faith,

Failed to follow Mosaic law, and blood

Of bulls did not atone for sins. So God

Made David’s throne eternal, and the sign

Was the sun and the moon. Man failed, and peace


And land were lost to Roman rulers’ “peace.”

Now Israel had failed each covenant,

So God in grace and mercy gave a sign:

The virgin was with child. Not works, but faith

In Him would save a man, He taught, and God

Offered eternal life through Jesus’ blood.


I have sweet peace through Jesus Christ‘s shed blood,

For man has a new covenant with God

And the Holy Spirit is the sign of faith.

~Day Williams