New Fed Boss, Same Train Wreck Policies

New Fed Boss, Same Train Wreck Policies
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Yellen is a staunch supporter of plan to create asset bubbles
Kurt Nimmo
October 9, 2013
Obama’s selection for Federal Reserve boss, Council on Foreign Relations member and Alan Greenspan protege Janet Yellen, has signaled that the fiat funny money printing presses will continue to roll.
Bloomberg propaganda humanizing Yellen and the Fed’s carnivorous economic policies.

Bankster minion Larry Summers, who worked closely with cohort Robert Rubin to dismantle the firewall between commercial and investment banking (Glass-Steagal) and allow derivatives to ruin the economy, was on the short list. His toxic background as a sleazeball at the Treasury Department (see Greg Palast’s article) got him dumped and paved the way for the president and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to be appointed. The Senate indicated it would oppose the nomination of Summers, not because he was instrumental in creating the pseudo-securities wrecking ball designed to destroy national economies, but rather, if you can believe the New York Times and the rest of the Wall Street pimped Mockingbird media, he is mean to women.

Yellen is squeaky clean, that is if a high-level bankster official can be considered clean, and she is a staunch supporter of the Bernanke plan to create dangerous new asset bubbles through the printing of trillions of devalued dollars in funny money, a scheme called quantitative easing. Because of her blasé background as a macroeconomics academic, her nomination by the Senate will present few if any problems. She’s a shoo-in.
“Yellen was the was the obvious choice if — and only if — you believe that the current direction of the nation’s powerful central bank is the correct one for the country,” opines the Washington Post. “Yellen has been not merely an engineer of the Fed’s policies of ‘quantitative easing’ and ‘forward guidance,’ but a consistent voice within the central bank to go further. She has reliably pushed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues to explore what else they might do to bring down the 7 percent jobless rate and put the millions of American unemployed back to work.”
So, under Yellen, the Federal Reserve will continue the process of destroying the once vaunted U.S. dollar through inflation, a process we are assured will create jobs in a country where millions of jobs over the last couple decades have been off-shored to slave labor gulags in Asia. Destroying the dollar and ushering in a new globalist economic regime is a long-term process. Since its inception in the dead of night at Christmas in 1913, the Federal Reserve has been directly responsible for the U.S. dollar losing 97% of its value. Remarkably, the Fed likes to say its job is “price stability,” or protecting the dollar. It has done the exact opposite and will continue to do so under Yellen.
Killer inflation is now around ten percent, but this is hidden by deceptive tallying by the Fed and the government with the assistance of the Mighty Wurlitzer, the CIA’s Mockingbird media that peddles lies and deceptions with faithful regularity.
In the halls of government, a small and widely excoriated tea party-influenced crew is attempting to ring in fiscal sanity and stop profligate debt creation, a process loved by the international bankster elite, but despite their best efforts the tide is turning against them.
Ms. Yellen, who will suffer less criticism than her predecessor – under the strictures of political correctness, it is racist and sexist to criticize women and people of color who serve the elite – and she will oversee the final destruction of the once great and unparalleled engine of wealth creation, the United States.
This article was posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 9:57 am
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