Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Sheeple

Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Sheeple

Published by Gordon Duff
Story of the false flag terror operation staged at the closed Sandy Hook elementary school.
Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!
 “What never ceases is the onward march for greater control over the minds and behaviour of citizens since they are seen as the enemy of the totalitarian Pentagon structure that obeys the unlawful orders of their oligarchic masters
 If this system of false patriotism is not Devil worship,  then what would you call devotion to a technocratic regime that directs their surveillance apparatus as a means to deceive and subjugate the local population?”

Sandy Hook and the New World Order: The China Connection

In Sandy Hook
They have been warned:
“Keep up the lie
Or you’ll be scorned.”
Piltdown Man Named Hoax
Like the Piltdown Man, the Sandy Hook
“Massacre” is a Hoax
Sandy Hook InvestigationSandy Hook and the New World Order

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Sandy Hook and the New World Order

In this article titled Sandy Hook and the New World Order guest contributor Tony Mead examines Sandy Hook’s close ties to an emerging superpower.t Connecticut will soon double its current $983 million in exports to China as a result of his trip there this week.”

Why is a State Governor involved in Foreign Relations ?

Connecticut’s business has been cozying up to China, perhaps in an inappropriate manner. In July, 2012, United Technologies of Bridgeport CT, was fined $75 million for selling software that would help China to develop its new Military Helicopter. This sounds like a lot of money to us, but in reality, it“amounted to a slap on the wrist for a major global industrial conglomerate with annual revenues of $58.1 billion.”