Why Not Desist?

U.S. supports
The terrorists
Who cut off heads–
Why not desist?

Erdogan is the ‘Tony Soprano’ of international politics

Just consider for a moment the vile hypocrisy of the West in lecturing Russia, Syria, Iran, and every other nation that refuses to bow at its feet over their lack of democracy, human rights, retrograde cultures, and all the other propaganda that has been shoveled by Western newspapers, news channels, and media outlets over the years – all the while NATO member Turkey has been actively supporting and aiding people that specialize in sawing people’s heads off, burning them alive in cages, mutilating women and children for the crime of praying to a different god than they do, or praying to the same god in a different way; the kind of people that rape and enslave women, who murder parachuting pilots trying to escape burning aircraft as they descend to the ground, whose religion is not Islam but barbarism and bestiality.