Common Core education standards are ‘all about the money

EXCLUSIVE: Textbook sales leader says national Common Core education standards are ‘all about the money’ as teacher insists bureaucrats created a ‘new f**king system that f**king sucks to sell more books’

  • Conservative muckraker group Project Veritas caught a textbook sales executive and a New York teacher talking about Common Core standards 
  • ‘I hate kids,’ confessed the textbook sales leader. ‘I’m in it to sell books. Don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat’ 
  • Hidden camera video shows teacher hammering the program as a ‘bulls**t’ system designed ‘to sell more books’
  • ‘Oh my god, it’s all a money game. It’s all a money game,’ she said
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt fired the sales executive Tuesday morning after told the company about the video 

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