Verdict: Jesus Christ is Who He Said He Was


A lawyer checked
The claims and proof:
The evidence
Was bulletproof.


Thomas T. Anderson has risen to the top of his profession, winning judgments of up to $130 million for his clients and earning national recognition from his peers. Selected by the National Law Journal as one of the Top Ten trial lawyers in the United States, Mr. Anderson is a respected and highly regarded attorney who was president of the California Trial Lawyers Association.

Despite the applause and financial success that came his way, one unsolved mystery nagged at Mr. Andersons conscience. In the docket was perhaps his biggest case: Was Jesus Christ who He said He was the Creator and God of the Universe who purportedly lived 2,000 years ago in a Roman-occupied territory known as Israel?

This time, Mr. Anderson had a jury of one to convincehimself. He embarked on a solo and sober-minded journey, employing techniques honed from decades of legal research and in-the-courtroom experience. During the discovery phase, he investigated claims and prophecies made in the Bible. Then he carefully cross-checked statements made by witnesses to Jesus life on earth for inconsistencies. In a sense, he put the Bible on trial in a resolute attempt to determine once and for all if Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Savior of all mankind.