I don’t conform

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
~John F. Kennedy, 35th United States President


I’ll tell you, men,

I don’t conform:

I don’t agree

With our “new norm.”



Poems from Psalms (Part IV)

(Psalm 87:7)


In you, my springs,

O Lord of Hosts;

Springs come from Him,

The Holy Ghost.


(Psalm 88:9)

I’ve Called on You

I’ve called on you

Each day; I’ve stretched

My hands toward you .  . .

I am a wretch.


(Psalm 89:47-48)

And Not See Death

What man can live

And not see death?

Our lives pass fast

Like fleeting breaths.


(Psalm 90:4, 10)

A Thousand Years

A thousand years

Are like a day

To you, and our

Days fly away.


(Psalm 90:9-12)

My Days Pass By

My days pass by,

A blur that’s gone;

May I delight

In dew on lawns.


(Psalm 90:12)

Teach Me

Teach me to count

My days aright,

So I’ll be wise

And satisfied.


(Psalm 91:2)

He is My God

He is My God

In whom I trust;

He knows that I

Am formed of dust.




(Psalm 91:3)

Surely He’ll Save

Surely he’ll save

You from the snare

And comfort you

When you have cares.


(Psalm 91:3)

He’ll Save You

He’ll save you from

The fowler’s snare;

He won’t leave you

Ashamed and bare.


(Psalm 91:15; Phil. 4:19)

He’ll Call on Me

He’ll call on me

And I’ll reply;

Through Christ are all

His needs supplied.


(Psalm 93:1, 2)

The Lord is Robed

The Lord is robed

In majesty:

He is from all



(Psalm 96:4)

The Lord is Great

The Lord is great

And highly praised;

His works have left

People amazed.



(Psalm 100:4)

Enter His Gates

Enter his gates

With thanksgiving,

His courts with praise:

Worship the King.


(Psalm 100:4)

Go in His Gates

Go in his gates

With thanks, go in

His courts with praise:

Let love begin.


(Psalm 102:6)

A Desert Owl

A desert owl

In wilderness

Is how I feel

In loneliness.


(Psalm 103:14-17)

Like Grass

We are like grass,

We are but dust,

To God we turn,

In Him we trust.


(Psalm 104:4, Proverbs 28:20,

Psalm 37:23, Psalm 91:4)

He Makes the Winds

He makes the winds

His messengers;

He makes the man

With faith secure.


(Psalm 104:10, 12)

You Make Springs Flow

You make springs flow

Between the hills,

Where heaven’s birds

Can sing and dwell.


(Psalm 105:1)

Give Thanks to God

Give thanks to God

And bless his name:

He’s healed the blind,

The deaf and lame.


(Psalm 107:9)

He’s Satisfied

He’s satisfied

The thirsty soul;

The hungry soul

He has made full.


(Psalm 107:9, 35)

He Satisfies

He satisfies

The longing soul;

He’s made a rock

A water hole.


(Psalm 110:6-7)

He’ll Judge the Lands

He’ll judge the lands,

Heap up the dead,

He’ll drink and he’ll

Lift up his head.


The stone that the builders

Rejected has become the cornerstone.

~Psalm 118:22

(Mt. 19:28)

The Rejected Stone

The builders have

Thrown out the Stone,

The One who sits

Upon the throne.


(Psalm 119)

I Love Your Law

I love your law;

I meditate

On it all day:

It’s straight and great.


I am for peace:

but when I speak, they are for war.

~Psalm 120:7

I Must Be Strange

They make big bucks

From selling bombs;

I must be strange,

I like the Psalm.


(Psalm 120:7)

I Am for Peace

I am for peace

They are for war—

They please themselves

But not the Lord.


(Psalm 139:2-6)

You Know My Thoughts

You know my thoughts

From far away;

I can’t attain

Your knowing ways.


(Psalm 139:5-6)

You Hem Me In

You hem me in

Behind, before;

You’ve laid your hand

On me, O Lord.






For you created my inmost being;

    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

~Psalm 139:13


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

    before you were born I set you apart;

    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

~Jeremiah 1:5


You Knew Me

You knew me in

My mother’s womb,

Made plans for me

And gave me room.


(Psalm 143:11-12)

For Your Name’s Sake

For your name’s sake,

O Lord, preserve

My life; your love

Won’t fail or swerve.


(Ps. 145:13-14)

He Lifts Those Bent

He lifts those bent

Beneath their loads;

He shares his Word,

Which won’t corrode.




(Psalm 150:4, 5,

Isaiah 55:12)

God is on His Way

Let tambourines

And cymbals play;

Trees, clap your hands—

God’s on His way.





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