Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Dick Cheney-Linked Company

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The timing is part of the beginning of the next 911 Times A Thousand. The next event needs a catalyst. Believe me JFK and 911 research will be drowned out, an orgy of “news”, blood, terror, death. I’m wondering if Dick’s Network Operations Center will be in Israel, nope, nowhere to be found, subterranean dwelling spaces.

He and his team are orchestrating the Apocalypse. Why? The Greater Israel Project has only a couple places left to turn into chaos. Israel thinks it gets to KEEP the Golan, water, gas, oil, orchards, farming, elevation, as well as take over the fractured Moslem countries. Only they will grow tired of their radioactive hell hole and officially take over North America, making it actual versus de-facto.

Then BOOM! Something so horrible you’ll watch Andy Griffith reruns for half a year. All you bad mouthing questioners of the Trillionaire New World Domination class will be shut up. History laundered even worse than “media”(5 companies) is doing now. 911 worked for them, what makes you think they’re not going to repeat it? Did you stop them, prosecute them, expose them? Nope, you took the bribe or the blackmail, or the belief you are an insider or that it is all in the past. Nope, it’s just beginning.