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Genie in a bottle; Stealing Oil from Syria by Israel, Rothschild, Cheney and Murdoch.

If you want to know where the power lies, then ask

whom you cannot criticize.

~Kevin Strom


Censorship on Network News

You cannot talk

Of Rothschilds’ wealth:

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Genie in a bottle; Stealing Oil from Syria by Israel, Rothschild, Cheney and Murdoch.

On February 21st of 2013, the petroleum council of the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Water has granted Genie Israel Oil and Gas a three years exclusive petroleum exploration license in the occupied Golan Heights.
On October 11th of 2015, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported:
If we look at the members of the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie division GOGAS (Genie Oil And Gas) we see well-known people like:
– Dick Cheney
– Lord Jacob Rothschild
– Robert Murdoch
The division in Israel who is actually going to drill is called Afek Oil and Gas Company, a division of Genie Energy.
Afek is headed by Effie Eitam, who lives in the settlements of Nov. He calls Israeli Arabs
a cancer in the body of the nation‘ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effi_Eitam
Effie Eitam also opposed the banning of IDF using Palestians as human shields.
When he was asked about encountering legal problems as the Golan is regarded as occupied Syrian territory, he replied that wasn’t concerned because ‘Syria right now is at war
Well, well, look at this Rothschild, Cheney and Murdoch financing oil-drilling in the occupied Golan Heights in war-torn Syria together with the far-right, Arab-hating Effie Eitam.
By the exploration of oil in the occupied territories of the Golan Heights they are also violating article 55 of the Hague Regulations.
~Dutch Truther