Personal Liberty: #DontMindMeIAmJust trying to stop the country from imploding.

Dr. Ron Paul: Personal liberty, if you understand it, means a lot. It means you have a right to your life and you have a right to the fruits of your labor. You have both economic and social liberty. As long as one does not hurt another individual, you can run your life as you so choose.


Shut Your Mouth, Obama


Administration 101: The chief of an administration does not comment on an ongoing investigation. Because the FBI investigation is ongoing, Obama’s remarks are inappropriate. His comments are also irrelevant. The federal statutes in question do not require the prosecution to prove that national security was compromised. Finally, Obama does not know whether national security was compromised. If a foreign government gained certain information from Hillary’s unsecured server, the foreign government will not tell Obama that it did so. Obama’s stupidity from his blind partisanship is evident. He would do well to keep his mouth shut for the rest of his term.