Sunday in Reno

After church, we took a trip to Reno and had a good time with family and friends.


kids leaping 10mb self-portrait 10mb

Kids Jumping                                             Self-portrait

Abby Dom courtyard 10mb

Abby and Dominic

abby writing 10mb

Abby writing

Christina 2 10mb


curtain Danica 10mbCurtain and Danica


Danica 10mb


Lucas lunch 10mb

Lucas at lunch

Danica Abby smiling 10mb

Danica and Abby

Martinellis 10mb

The Martinellis

group 1 10mb

Group outdoor at a coffee shop

Lucas in tree 10mb

Lucas in a tree

Lucas 2 10mb


Lucas Danica 10mb

Lucas and Danica

Faveo 1 10mb


laughter 10mb



Hobo Art 2 10mb Hobo Art sign 10mb

Hobo Art

Robin Mom by river 10mb

Robin and Mom by Truckee River