Meanwhile in the Gaza Concentration Camp





Israel Bars Journalist @AbbyMartin From Gaza on Baseless ‘Enemy State’ Charges


Martin is host of the program “The Empire Files,” which describes its mission as “recording a world shaped by war and inequality.” Her reporting has consistently reported on Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians and raised questions about why major media outlets are failing to cover these abuses.

Sensible Suggestion

This suggestion does assume that the U.S. military-industrial complex (MIC) wants to defeat Islamic terrorists. Myself, I doubt it. The MIC likes the continual influx of dollars and has no incentive to defeat Islamic terrorists, because that would mean budget cuts, unless the MIC could come up with another war.

Sonnet 19

Sonnet 19


Nineteen years on the force, I never saw

A man go looney-tunes the way he did.

Throughout his life he had a fatal flaw

That from his friends, wife, daughter, he had hid


Until his friend’s remark had rubbed him raw.

Those two were innocent: The man, the kid,

His daughter, sixteen soon, why, she could draw

Like Raphael, and the kind things she did


Delighted everyone who saw her grace,

Her charm and spunk, her courage to defy

The crusted, crumbling ways that she’d been taught


For love of one much older. By her face

And his you knew they were a pair. No lie.

Her dad, the cop, was blind to it. And shot.