Paul Joseph Watson Puts Self-Righteous Jeb in His Place

Granted, Paul could raise the level of his language.


Russophobic hysteria hits new heights

What do Lockheed Martin, the Raytheon Company, Sikorsky Aircraft and Bell Helicopters have in common? Well, there’s the obvious, that they are all defense contractors of different stripes. But here’s a less heavily publicized connection – all these companies fund the grandly titled Centre for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), a pretend-academic enterprise, based in Warsaw and Washington, which, based on their publications, events and the rhetoric of its headliners, is dedicated primarily to promoting tensions between Russia and other Eastern European countries. Additional contributors to the pie include Boeing, FireEye and the US Department of Defense.

Of course another thing which unites these entities is that they benefit from increased NATO engagement in former Warsaw Pact nations. The weapons makers win because of a larger market for their products and the Pentagon gains by using the discomfort to justify increased military spending. Especially at a time when the biggest public enemies of the first decade of this century – Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden – are no longer available.

That’s presumably why CEPA’s traveling circus pitches up in Washington from time-to-time: to scare policymakers into loosening the purse strings for yet more spending.