U.S. Imperialism in Syria

U.S. State Dept Says Assad Is Preventing Peace In Syria; U.S. Proxy War, Nusra Not Cause For Worry

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A month after the last ceasefire in Syria fell apart as a result of the failure of the United States and its terrorist proxies to adhere to just one of their obligations under the agreement, the United States government is still claiming that the reason there is no ceasefire ongoing in Syria is entirely the fault of President Bashar al-Assad and, of course, the scary Russians.

In fact, on October 20, infamous narcissist, State Department Spokesman John Kirby openly stated that the “only thing” standing in the way of a “permanent ceasefire” in Syria is the “regime” of Bashar al-Assad.

“The only thing that stands between where we are now and a permanent and enduring ceasefire in Syria is Bashar al-Assad and his supporters,” he said.

In other words, “If Assad would just step down and let us have our way with his country, we wouldn’t have to keep killing civilians, funding proxy terrorists, and bombing Syrian infrastructure.” Doesn’t Assad understand that the U.S. owns his country and that he is supposed to follow the dictates of Washington regardless of what the Syrian people desire? The nerve of Assad, trying to defeat terrorists and maintain the sovereignty of his nation!

Anti-Second Amendment Hypocrites

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The hypocrites
For gun control
Pay bodyguards
To keep them whole.

They want to take

Away your gun

While they play games

With rights—such fun.
~Day Williams

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What Makes a Hero and the True Measure of the Human Spirit: Walter Lippmann’s Stunning Tribute to Amelia Earhart – Brain Pickings

Writing on the cusp of World War II, Lippmann admonishes against mistaking force for fortitude and argues that “synthetic heroes” and “men in bulletproof vests surrounded by squads of armed guards” are the measure not of humanity’s strength but of our weakness.

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“But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” ~Mt. 23: 3-4


Anti-Second Amendment Hypocrites


We now in the United States have more security guards for the rich than we have police services for the poor districts. If you’re looking for personal security, far better to move to the suburbs than to pay taxes in New York.

~John Kenneth Galbraith

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