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A Farewell with Comments on Politics from Carson City Supervisor Jim Shirk

Finally the Nevada Appeal includes my name and the statements I made at a Board meeting. I have not had this much attention in the last four years.

The article had tidbits from my farewell statement here is a more complete version:
Politics is held in an arena, where punches are thrown. I have been in the boxing ring earlier in my life; knocked out cold, my opponent had the best left hook. My nose has been re-arranged a few times. I can take a punch.

In politics, one must remain confident and keep high standards in the enthusiasm for engagement with constituents whether they are pro or con.

Distance yourself from the stink and muck; routinely separate yourself by asking questions that others seem reluctant to ask on a regular basis. Accepting stalemates and defeats should never become the norm,  and nothing should and can deter one’s fearlessness to confront and engage in the hot topics of the day.

Don’t be an echo, be a voice. Don’t go along to get along. Be humble, but fearless.

One must love politics to avoid the unpleasantness of being singled out for their position on an agenda item. Pathways will become impeded, you will be chastised and one must have grit as the ugliness of the job raises to the top occasionally. Become tolerate of the perception that others will not approve all that you will do. You may have to persuade people that you are not part of the same “old good buddy system” and that will be accomplished by your actions and your votes.

You will at times be labeled an ally, then an adversary, then a shit disturber but in all cases you must take responsibility for your actions. With the press your either in – “The IN” or your name constantly gets wrapped within the non-sensible gibberish that will only reflect poorly upon one. Speaking, having a voice on issues will bring public attention that may cause some retribution.

Never seek conflict but never run from it. Diplomacy might be more of a mythical perception.

Here is my obligation – I was elected to represent the citizens of Carson Carson. Simple as that. Rule #1 – never let up or give in.

In life, it is rare that one gets to be a part of some amazing moments and being a Board of Supervisor is certainly one of the moments. Returning to the fray every first and third Thursday of each month, was rarely disappointing more that frequently highly rewarding.

After the above statement I mentioned a scene from the movie –

The Last Hurrah

When a politician was lying on his death bed, someone said –
“If he had it all to do over again, he would do things differently”
the actor laying there slowly opened his eyes and said


This also applies to Jim Shirk.

It was my HONOR to serve this community.

From my family to your family

Please forward to family, friends and neighbors.


~Jim Shirk