The Martian Astronomer

“A planet doesn’t explode of itself,” said drily
The Martian astronomer, gazing off into the air –
“That they were able to do it is proof that highly
Intelligent beings must have been living there.”

~John Hall Wheelock

The Face of a Criminal Running from Justice

Setup for a False Flag

URGENT REPORT: Begins Unplanned Nuclear Blast Drill in New York City, via Leaked Documents from Sources

You can’t trust FEMA. This could be a setup for a false flag. For example, they set up real nukes and blame it on North Korea or Russia. The “9/11 terror attack” had simultaneous drills going on to provide cover to the neocons who orchestrated it, along with the Mossad.

Delusional Tillerson Says Sanctions on Russia Will Remain ‘Until Crimea Is Returned’ to US backed Neo Nazis in Kiev

Delusional Tillerson Says Sanctions on Russia Will Remain ‘Until Crimea Is Returned’ to US backed Neo Nazis in Kiev



The US sponsored a coup that put Neo-Nazis in charge of Ukraine. Crimea wanted no part of it. Through a democratic vote, Crimeans decided to return to Russia’s embrace.


North Korea

As a member of the public, with no access to classified info, I don’t have enough facts to evaluate what is going on. My initial impression is that Trump wants a declaration of war and that we are over-reacting to a leader (Kim Jong-un) who is posturing. North Korea’s leader does posture for his people. What capabilities does he really have? We would like to avoid a war, but if it came down to it, could we destroy all the necessary targets in one big strike? (I doubt it.) What can our military do?

And how much influence does China have on Kim Jong-un? How much of his rhetoric is bluff? How much is serious? I can’t tell. I don’t speak the language, and I don’t know the culture. I would hesitate to trust CIA reports on North Korea, because the CIA is generally untrustworthy and it is filled to the brim with neocons and other warmongers.

We have spent a lot of money defending South Korea since the early 1950s, and they need to step up more.

As for calling 100 Senators to the White House, to what end? The Democrats are not interested in the good of this nation. They are interested in playing everything to make Trump and his administration look bad. As a general rule, if they are unhappy with Trump’s decision on North Korea, whatever it is, then Trump’s decision is probably right.

Philippians 4:8