Fake News Warning


Trump: Mainstream (FAKE) media refuses to state our long list of achievements, including 28 legislative signings, strong borders & great optimism!

Madeleine McCann and Operation Grange

The cops don’t question the Podestas. The “investigation” was a cover-up from the start because so many high-ranking officials participate in a pedophile ring.


Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China

Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts’ outlook tends to be more gloomy than mine. Maybe he’s more hard-headed and pragmatic, I don’t know. I like to think that we have at least a handful of sane people in power in Washington D.C.

He makes astute comments about the Left as follows:

One might hope that the American and Western populations would be outraged that Washington is so power-crazed that Washington is subjecting all life to such risks. But there is no sign of an anti-war movement. The Western leftwing has degenerated into Identity Politics in which the only threat comes from white heterosexual males who are portrayed as misogynists, racists, and homophobes. The Western leftwing is no longer war-conscious. Indeed, the leftwing has become diverted into such silly irrelevancies as transgender rights to toilets of their choice. The impotence of the Western left is so overwhelming that the left might as well not exist.