Questions about Seth Rich’s Murder

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>>125947713 (OP)
Instead of screaming “CLINTON/PODESTA HAD RICH KILLED” we need to start asking questions.
>Can we trust the Rich Family spokesman Brad Bauman?
>Why was Brad Bauman LOLing on Twitter about the situation? (
>Police reports show Seth was still alive when EMS responded, what did he say?
>Where is the body camera footage from the police that were there?
>What is the HRC connection to Officer Robinson who responded to the scene of the crime?
>Why was Joe Capone (owner of the bar Seth left in an unusual state before he was murdered) in the White House days before Seth’s death?
>Were SEIU (DNCs biggest donor) nurses treating Seth upon arrival?
>Where is the laptop of Seth Rich?
Anyone with more questions to add/additional info please reply. We need big journalists asking these questions/raising awareness.


Message from Seth’s parents [Embed] [Embed]
police report