Spray in the Strife

Spray in the Strife

I read fake news today oh boy
Another hit piece on the D.C. King;
And as the piece was by a cad
Known as a deadbeat dad,
The story didn’t add

Up, being shallow and bizarre;
It claimed he had some Russian friends–so strange
Because the writer seemed impaired;
I’d read his trash before;
None doubted that he’d been procured
By bankers and a sorcerer.

I watched a vid today, oh boy;
The Company had pushed another war;
A crowd of criminals found ways
To cook the black op books,
Having paid the crooks.
I’d love to cuff your pawns.

Spoke up, they censored me,
Tagged for saying let’s be free;
Pushed around and sprayed while cops stood down;
And frowning much, I noticed that I bled.
They stole my coat like spoiled brats,
Boarded the bus like desert rats;
Flipped me off and glared like crazy folks;
Somebody joked about their brutal schemes.


I read fake news today oh boy
Ten thousand holes in every article
And though the holes had grown each hour,
They shoved them in the shower.
Now they know how many holes it takes to make the Langley power.
I’d love to cuff your pawns.

~Day Williams

Russian intervention explained

It was November 8, 2016. Thousands of Russians rounded up American citizens and took them to the polls and forced them to Vote for Trump.