Fire McMaster Before It’s Too Late

August 2: “Miracles of Jesus” (8/12) by Day Williams


Jesus Heals Ten Lepers


Another Sabbath, He once more proceeded
To heal, this time a man whose limbs had swollen
Due to a sickness, and He looked around,
Asked, “If your cow was stuck in a mud bath

On Sabbath Day, would you not pull it out?”
The legal eagles could not say a word.
He traveled toward Jerusalem and passed
Between Samaria and Galilee.

Ten lepers stood a distance from his route
And asked for mercy on them, and he heard
And told them, “Go and show yourselves to priests.”
They went and they were cleansed of leprosy,

And one who saw that he was healed, turned back,
Praised God, and threw himself at Jesus’ feet,
Giving him thanks. He was Samaritan.
Jesus said, “Weren’t ten cleansed? Where are the nine

Others? This stranger from another land–
Is he the only one who took this street
Again to thank the Lord?” He told the man,
“Get up; go on. Your trust in God, so fine,

Has healed you.” Now a man named Lazarus
Was sick, a man from Bethany, the town
Where Mary and her sister Martha dwelled.
This was the Mary who anointed Jesus

With perfume, with that sacrifice of kindness,
This was the same Mary who knelt down
And wiped his feet with her hair as that smell
Suffused the outer room with fragrant sweetness.

This Mary’s brother was the man sick, so
The sisters sent a word to Jesus’ side,
“The one you love is sick.” When Jesus heard
This word, he said, “This sickness will not end

In death; but will instead be for God’s glory
And praise, so God’s Son may be glorified.”
They waited for two days, as He preferred,
Though He loved Martha, Mary, and his friend

Lazarus, then he told his followers,
“Let’s go back to Judea.” But they protested.
“Rabbi,” they told him, “only a few days
Ago Judeans tried to stone you. Why

Will you go there again?” “Now I will go,”
He said, “to wake up Lazarus, who rests.”
“Lord, he sleeps, but he’ll improve without delay,”
They said. He told them, “Lazarus has died,

And for your sakes, I’m glad I wasn’t there,
For now you really will believe. Come, let’s
Go see him,” and in Bethany he learned
Lazarus had been in his grave four days.