Psalm Eighty



(A Psalm by Asaph for the music leader.

To the tune “Lilies of the Covenant.”)

Help Our Nation


1 Shepherd of Israel, you lead

Joseph’s descendants; you sit on

Your throne above the cherubim.


Please hear our prayer; let your light shine

2 For tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh,

And Benjamin. Save us by your


Might; 3 God, build us up strong again.

Smile on us and save us. 4 Lord God

Almighty, how much longer will


The prayers of your own people make

You angry? 5 You gave us some tears

For food; you made us drink them by


The bowlful. 6 Due to you, our foes

Who live near laugh and joke about

Us, 7 but if you should smile on us,


We will be saved; 8 once we were like

A grapevine that you brought from Egypt.

You chased the other nations off


And planted us here, 9 then you cleared

The ground, and we put our roots deep,

Spreading above the land. 10 The shade


This vine made covered mountains and

Its branches climbed the mighty cedars

11 And stretched out to the sea; and its


New growth reached to the river. 12 Our

Lord, why have you torn down the wall

From ‘round the vineyard? You let all


Who stroll by pick the grapes, 13 and now

The vine is gobbled down by pigs

Out of the woods and other beasts.


14 O God Almighty, please do something:

Look down from heaven and see what’s

Happening to this vine. 15 With your


Own hands you placed its roots in soil;

You raised it as your very own.

16 Enemies chopped the vine down and


Set it on fire; now show your anger

And ruin them, 17 but help the one who sits

At your right side, the one you raised to be


Your own, 18 then we will never turn

Away; put new life into us,

And we will worship you. 19 Lord God


Almighty, strengthen us again;

Smile on us and save us from them.