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Questions re North Korea

If I were about to attack North Korea, I would want answers to at least these questions:

Is there a diplomatic solution, either through China or another country?

What are all the diplomatic and military options?

What difference would it make to NK’s belligerent attitude if Kim Jong-Un were killed?

Can the US conduct an EMP strike against NK? Or can the US otherwise jam all of NK’s military communications?

Can South Korea rebuff an invasion by one million NK soldiers?

Can we take out NK’s nukes w/o using nukes ourselves?

What are the long-term consequences to people, animals, land, and buildings if US and NK go nuclear?

Can we use boring machines underneath NK to plant explosives by their missile silos?

Can we put something in NK’s air or water that will make them more peaceful?

How confident are we that we know where all the NK nukes are located?

How confident are we that we can take out NK missiles aimed at South Korea, Guam, Japan or Alaska?

If Trump orders a missile strike on all NK nukes and silos, how will China respond? For such a strike, can we minimize civilian casualties? Or is that wishful thinking?

What chemical and biological weapons does NK have? Do we have countermeasures in place if NK uses them?

Is there an “outside the box” solution?

No Justice Yet

Matt Couch:

  1. My Team is Investigating DNC Murders and then some. You have no clue how deep this runs and what our President is dealing with, trust me.


Defeat the Left: Almost a year since this moment-no special counsel, no justice has been served! We elected to get something DONE! We DEMAND justice!😒