Time for a New Fad

Time for a fad:

For fads so fun

You streak through fields

Wearing your man bun,


Don crazy hats,

Dance a wild dance,

Wave when you’re fat,

Prance with a lance,


Throw off constraints,

Paint sidewalks red,

Do something quaint

With needle, thread


And burlap bags,

And sing loud songs

With kids and dogs

While playing Pong.






The Elephant in the Room

Re the Paris shooting: The corporate media does not even address the possibility that the shooting was a false flag, although that is a legitimate inquiry with any big event where people are killed.

Same with 9/11, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and many others.

Beltway Pundits Talk Among Themselves

Pretend we see
No elephant;
Then we won’t have
To go and hunt.
~Day Williams

The Elephant in the Room is: Presidential authorizations to murder inconvenient people and to set up false flag incidents and psychological operations to advance a political agenda (such as the war on the 2nd Amendment and “cause” for war), and the Mossad’s involvement.  I challenge the Mainstream Media (the Controlled Media, the corporate lapdog media)  to investigate and address this issue, instead of “reporting” (and only reporting the “official story”) on high-profile shootings while doing no investigations.

American Fairy Tales