1 When I arrived to visit you, my brothers,

I did not come with lofty words or first-

Rate wisdom to inform you of God’s message,


2 For I decided I would only speak

With you of Jesus Christ and of his death

Upon the cross. 3 I came to you in fear


And trembling, timid, weak. 4 My message and

My preaching weren’t with wise and crafty words,

But with the Holy Spirit’s power, 5 so


Your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom

But on the power of the Lord, 6 but we

Do speak wise words when we’re with the mature,


But we don’t speak about this age’s wisdom

Or of this age’s rulers, who are doomed

To fall. 7 No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom,


Wisdom that has been hidden and that God

Had destined for our benefit before

Time started. 8 No great leader of this age


Understood it, for if they had, they would

Never have crucified the Lord of glory,

9 But as the Scripture says: “No eye has seen,


No ear has heard, no mind’s conceived what God

Has readied for the ones who love him” – 10 but

God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.


The Spirit searches all things, even God’s

Deep secrets, 11 for no one knows what a man

Is thinking but that man himself, and in


The same way, no one knows the thoughts of God

Except God’s Spirit. 12 We have not received

The worldly spirit but the Spirit who’s


From God, that we may understand what God

Has freely given us, 13 and so we speak,

Not in the words taught us by human wisdom


But in the words the Spirit teaches, telling

Truths of the Holy Spirit in His words.

                  14 The man without the Spirit can’t accept


The things arising from God’s Spirit, for

They’re foolishness to him, and he cannot

Grasp them, because they’re spiritually discerned.


15 The man who’s spiritual makes judgments on

All things, but none can judge him, 16 for who’s known

The mind of God that he may edify


Him? But we Christians have the mind of Christ.