Psalm Seventy-Nine (79) “Have Pity on Jerusalem”



(A Psalm by Asaph.)

Have Pity on Jerusalem


1 Our God, some foreign nations have

Taken your land, disgraced your temple,

And left Jerusalem in ruins.


2 They’ve fled your servant’s bodies to

Flesh-eating birds; your loyal people

Are food for savage animals,


3 And all Jerusalem is smeared

With blood, their blood, with no one left

To bury them. 4  Each nation ‘round


Us sneers at us and mocks us; 5 Our

Lord, will you keep on being angry?

And will your angry feelings keep


Flaming like fire? 6 Get angry with

Those nations that don’t know you and

Won’t worship you. 7 They’ve gobbled down


Jacob’s descendants and have left

The land in ruins. 8 Don’t make us

Pay for our fathers’ sins; have pity;


Come fast. We are completely helpless.

9 Our God, you keep us safe. Now help

Us. Rescue us; forgive our sins;


And bring yourself great honor;  10 why

Should nations ask us, “Where’s your God?”

Let us and other nations see


You take revenge for all your servants

Who died a brutal death, 11 and hear

The prisoners groan. Let your might


Rescue all who are sentenced to

Death. 12 Every one of those lands sneered

At you, our Lord; let others sneer


At them now, seven times as much,

     13 Then we, your people, always will

Thank you; we are like sheep with you


Our shepherd, and all generations

Are sure to hear us give you praise.