January 1: Holy Bible

January 1
Holy Bible



Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

~Isaiah 53:1-3


Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy. Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. After the sixty-two ‘sevens,’ the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed.

~Daniel 9:24-26



Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.

~Psalm 41:9


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Andrew Jackson, Savior of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson, Savior of New Orleans

As God called Gideon from winepress floor
To war against the Midianites, so He
Called Jackson–lawyer, judge–from courthouse doors
To lead his rag-tag men to victory.

Not sword nor bullet stopped Old Hickory,
Not dysentery or a barefoot walk
For forty miles, not orders from D.C.
To have his troops disperse, nor to corral a throng

Of rich and poor, and blacks and whites, along
With Choctaw braves and pirates in New Orleans.
He set a battle plan with separate prongs,
Drilled them, prepared, for he was born for storms.

A leader, resolute, with strategy
Can meet and overwhelm a mighty foe:
He placed his sharpshooters to hide yet see
The British soldiers at the morning glow.

Men fired from ramparts at the British red,
Bright targets in the rising fog who fell
Like stalks of sugarcane in rain and spread
Across the battlefield while Jackson yelled

Encouragement to men to overcome
The enemy, who finally retreated,
For the King of England’s fighting force,
Strong, well-equipped, had to admit defeat.

With strategy, Old Hickory had won.
The Savior of New Orleans, kind and fierce,
Told his admirers that “we shall become
The strongest nation in the universe.”

~Day Williams

About the Indictments

About the Indictments – On May 26th William Binney & Robert David Steele sent a letter to Jeff Sessions showing him how he could go into the NSA data base to literally map the pedophiles, traitors and white collar criminals that are running the international pedo rings, laundering money, running drugs etc. In other words, it sounds like the DOJ was given access to and shown how to use William Binneys’ famous “Thinthread” program to mine data from the NSA’s database. It is extremely probable that it is this data mining effort that has resulted in the massive number of federal sealed indictments that have been filed. I think it is also highly likely that Trump’s new EO against international human rights violators was specifically written to allow the Treasury Dept. to take legally mandated actions against the international criminals that have already been identified by the DOJs new data mining process. See the 1st few minutes of the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9puSV26D5Sc