LV Massacre: Where was SWAT? What were copters doing? What about stock profits?

Great jobs numbers. Dems, who teamed up with Russians, won’t let it go.


Great jobs numbers and finally, after many years, rising wages- and nobody even talks about them. Only Russia, Russia, Russia, despite the fact that, after a year of looking, there is No Collusion!


  1. Dumbocrats supposedly don’t want foreign entities interfering in our elections but they teamed up with Russian contacts and a former British spy to try to sideswipe the candidacy of Donald Trump. Too bad you failed hypocrites! Keep losing you Libnuts while we 🤗😅

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

They gashed his cheek,
Gave him the news:
“Go with the play,
Or you will lose.”

“Already lost,”
He mumbled there.
Blood dripped from hands
Tied to a chair.

“From east to west
We cheated you,
Just as you say–
That much is true.

But you won’t talk
(They say you’re smart);
I will remind
You of our art.

Each one who’s talked
In forty years–
Or threatened to–
Not one is here.

We’ll give you stuff,
Enjoy the view.
Open your mouth–
We’ll come for you.

The choice is yours
And make it fast,
Or you may have
A heart attack.”

“No words from me
About your crimes;
I will enjoy
Remaining time.”

“You choose to play
On our big team.
Good boy. Clean up,
And have sweet dreams.”



  1. If others can stand up to corruption putting every single thing at risk including their own family, he could’ve too. But didn’t. Took the payout instead and now shills for his masters. And that’s all you need to know about Bernie Sanders.

    1. He sold out for a new beach house and a $200,000 car. And that’s besides his wife’s FBI investigation bank fraud/stealing from poor people. I feel blessed this man isn’t president. I’m even more blessed I realized this fraud from day one. It’s a tragedy politicians are cowards.

      1. Bernie, you were cheated out of a possible presidency by the DNC who rigged the primaries against you for a witch. You would’ve been an actual foe in competition against Trump. You gave all your supporters money to and endorsed Clinton. Why are you shilling for your suppressors?

“Workin’ for the FBI,” poem by Day Williams

Workin’ for the FBI

Tell me a tale, you go to jail
You give me guff, you’ll see who’s tough
You get me pissed, you’re on the list
When you are killed, I am fulfilled

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

You lie to me, you won’t be free,
Don’t call me out, I’ve got big clout
You “patriots” are monkey butts
You “citizens” are firing pins

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

Embarrass us, we’ll fight and fuss
That Finicum was overcome
A cowboy hero was one big zero.
Don’t mess with fate, dude, we shoot straight

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

You want the law? That’s us, McGraw
We’ll find pretexts if we are vexed
We lost some texts while having sex
And we’re perplexed below our necks

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

You’ll go to jail and have no bail
We’ll hide your file with you’re in trial
You’ll never budge, we own the judge
So we can say she’ll go our way

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

~Day Williams

Christopher Steele is an ex-spy for MI6

  1. Let’s not forget John McCain’s involvement or Britain’s MI6 (Christopher Steele is an ex-spy for MI6, Russia pointed the finger at the agency for the dossier/influence in American politics) these are forgotten points from Jan 2017.