It’s really sad watching deranged liberals meltdown on twitter because their Russian collusion fairytale fell apart today. That so many liberal Americans were hoping for a treasonous “collusion” narrative is so deeply troubling that it’s hard to get your arms around it.

What’s the next line of attack against Trump?

Educating LIberals:

The Trump-Russia collusion has been erased. What now? Can’t do “racism” since black unemployment is at a record low. Can’t do “xenophobia” since Trump offered amnesty for more aliens than the Dems asked for. Can’t do “sexism” since Trump has a cabinet full of powerful women.

A few reasons to investigate Hillary Clinton, if the FBI and DOJ can find the time

Hillary Clinton Needs To Be Investigated for…

– Uranium One
– Pay for Play
– Missing $6 Billion & Haiti $$$
– Deleted Emails
– DNC: Paying thugs to disrupt Trump rallies, silencing of leakers including poss murders, voter fraud
– Clinton Foundation
– Spying on Trump
– Dossier/Framing of Trump

Mysteriously missing/”suicided” friends and confidants
– Benghazi
– Perjury during various investigations
– Obstruction of justice (Benghazi, Emails, etc)
– Seth Rich