News Media Personnel Stayed at Local Hotel Before “Sandy Hook Massacre”

News Media Personnel Stayed at Local Hotel Before “Sandy Hook Massacre”

Wolfgang Halbig writes the Office of Inspector General, FCC:

Covering up a Government Conspiracy under your watch. You cannot be that stupid as an FBI office?

Wolfgang Halbig <> Jan 27 at 6:34 AM
To Altimari, Dave
Message body
Office of Inspector General FCC:

I want to file a complaint against all of the National News Networks for Fraudulently televising FAKE News regarding the Sandy Hook School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012.
This event was impossible because I have the records of the News media and Government officials staying at the Wyndam Hotel in Southbury, CT arriving on Dec 12, 2012 before the main event on Dec 14, 2012.
Now records do not lie unless you want them to lie.
You are the office that We The People are supposed to Trust. Right?
So I am asking as a former Florida State Trooper and US Customs agent that you investigate the complete Fraud by our own government since it Inflicted Emotional Distress upon millions and millions of innocent Americans for NO reason whatsoever.
The entire hotel was sold out for over a week and like I said it only took me four years to finally get these records which they did not want to release as most know.
The Hotel knows what damage this information now can have on those who committed this Government Fraud on all of the American People. They exploited minor children day and day out in this Fraud for money and maybe even using them for sex? Let’s see if you and your office has the courage on behalf of all Americans to investigate this huge Government Fraud?

Wolfgang W. Halbig

Phone: 352-729-2559


Knowing how Trump works, I expect he’ll make sure the investigation happens. This is one route to bring down Fake News.

Can’t guard kids at school

Liz Wheeler‏Verified account @Liz_Wheeler · 14h14 hours ago

So the Broward County Sheriff can put six Deputies to guard the house of the cowardly school resource officer who didn’t go into the building to stop the shooting… but they can’t guard kids at school?!

The Sandy Hooker’s Conscience

Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not deceive one another.
~Leviticus 19:11

The Sandy Hooker’s Conscience

When conscience calls
At 2:00 A.M.,
You will regret
You caved to them.

Sandy Hookers have been bribed and threatened.

Come Holy Spirit, please break the evil spell of greed and fear that is over Sandy Hook.