“When Spies Run Free,” a poem

When Spies Run Free

When spies run free, then why not me
Across the NSA?
I can record the campaign plans
Of billionaires with cares
The other side will not collide
Because we will assure their loss
I share the best  intel with zest
When spies run free.

When spies run free, why not thee?
Uranium will glow
I will enrich my family
Pay to play in my prime
Run with the wind across the sea
And trade your country’s best
To reach the zone where it’s been stolen
When spies run free.

When spies run free, then history
May lay our secrets bare
Such theft can be a mockery
Of patriots called
To share their lights in planet nights
Men have no friends in treachery
The conscience gnaws despite the cause
When spies run free.


Meanwhile, the Good Ole Boys Have Dinner Together

Imran Awan: A Continuing DCNF Investigative Group Series




Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C.

No Deep State traitors were arrested.

No one committing espionage was arrested

No spies were arrested.

No one who conspired to murder others was arrested.

No perjurers were arrested.

No one who orchestrated vote-rigging was arrested.

No one who laundered money was arrested.

No official who took bribes was arrested.

Business continued as usual.