Acts 3:19

Repent, then, & turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. -Acts 3:19

Something Will Happen

  1. Trump pardoned a sailor who was caught taking photos in a submarine. So a man serving his country can make one mistake & be jailed immediately, but Hillary can put our nation at risk with an unsecured server / destroy e-mails she was by law required to turn in & nothing happens.

    Something will happen to HRC. I hope that the Secret Service has taken away her cyanide pills.


    1. it feels like were on the precipice of arrests taking place..the Luciferians have NEVER been this exposed before..its all lining up..when their crimes are revealed to the public..ALL Americans will support in seeking Justice 🇺🇸

In the Grandstands

In the Grandstands

He threw a football three hundred yards.
“Broke a trellis in his neighbor’s yard.”

He jumped higher than the clouds.
“He’s too self-centered, too proud.”

He ran a marathon in record time.
“He should be charged with many crimes.”

He lifted more weight than any man before.
“The man’s performance is a snore.”

As a lifeguard, he saved a thousand lives.
“He’s had trouble with his wives.”

Three men on, he hit a grand slam.
“Hand me the raspberry jam.”

He swam the sea from Spain to Greece.
“I read the stupid press release.”

He dove 5000 feet into a pool.
“The dude oughtta go back to school.”

He pitched ten consecutive perfect games.
“He’ll do anything to build his name.”

He rounded up 1000 cattle in an hour.
“Phew! Man needs to take a shower.”

The heavyweight champion–he knocked him out.
“Man’s a loser, loafer and lout.”

He pole-vaulted through the stratosphere.
“He might get better next year.”

He outran a cheetah on Serengeti’s plains.
“Bind the man in iron chains.”