Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

A forged document.


Obama Long-Form Birth Certificate, Facts, Myths, Questions and Common Misunderstandings

1) The document that Obama released is his “original” long-form birth certificate.
FALSE, it is supposed to be an alleged “COPY” as indicated in the stamp text on the lower right quadrant of the document that reads, “this is a true copy or abstract.” Look up the definition of what “abstract” means.

2) Obama refused to release this or similar document for years,
a. despite over 50 lawsuits demanding it, and
b. a decorated Lt. Col. Terrance Latkin went to prison because of he questioned Obama’s eligibility to command but Obama refused then to provide it.
TRUE & TRUE. One must question the motives of a supposed President to withhold information regarding his eligibility for office for over 3 years.

3) Only shortly before the release of Obama’s document the
a. Former Hawaiian records clerk said to CNN that she had seen it, yet
b. The Governor of Hawaii, Neal Abercrombie (and friend of Obama’s family in Hawaii), stated that he had his people look for Obama’s long-form and they could NOT find it!
i. LINK TO NY DAILY NEWS ARTICLE: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2011-01-27/news/27738132_1_barack-obama-president-obama-birth-certificate
ii. LINK TO UK NEWSPAPER http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1348916/Hawaii-governor-says-Obamas-birth-record-exists-produce-it.html
iii. LINK TO AUDIO OF WITNESS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvrb7YqdvxE
c. The former Elections official made a formal affidavit stating he looked for the Obama birth records and could NOT find anything, and that his superiors told them they did not exist.
i. LINK TO ARTICLE http://www.eutimes.net/2011/01/hawaii-official-now-swears-no-obama-birth-certificate/
ii. LINK TO VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nKVpD5v4Hk
TRUE, so it is even more suspicious that suddenly it then appears. So who was lying?

4) It says “Certificate of Live Birth” and not “Birth Certificate.”
TRUE, this is normal, it is what was used on the correct documents of the time period, see the comparative Nordyke Twin BCs for a day after Obama’s alleged birth date.

5) There is a page curl on the left side of the document.
TRUE, this appears on other BC “copies” from near that time period and is likely because the BCs were probably put in to a bound book in the archives. I do not consider that fact suspicious. However the shape of the curl does differ much from comparable BCs.

6) The lines in the background do not follow the curve of the left side of the document.
TRUE, However I don’t see this as a sole reason to call the document a fake, as I’d expect it to that as was supposed to be a scan that on would assume was printed on security paper. But wait, there is more…

7) The layers of the “.pdf” file of Obama’s document could be caused by scanning,
FALSE. While in some rare cases, depending on the scanning software, layering is possible. However even the layperson looking can zoom in on the image and see that the back ground changes under the main part, the large area of the “alleged” certificate. It is easy to see that it becomes more blurred and grayer, and this clearly indicates that this document was NOT scanned and simply printed on the security paper, but  IT IS in fact a layered image made on a computer. There’s more to it, but this info clears up the scanned layering argument. See image further below.

8) In one of the many layers of Obama’s document there is what looks like something was “Whited-Out”.
TRUE, another reason why the document is suspicious.

9) The lines of type near the curved edge do not seem to follow the curve.
TRUE. This seems to show that the lines of type or at least the first words appear likely to have been layered in by computer. See images further below.

10) The “M” in the time field appears to be of a different font and it’s darker.
TRUE. However, it appears to be preprinted on the other comparable BCs of that time period, but on Obama’s it does appear to be out of location. See images further below.

11) Out of alignment letters in the typing.
TRUE, but such can be common with old typewriters. This is not alone an indication of a forgery. However, this seems more pronounced in the Obama document than other BC’s, and a forger may “overdo” use such a thing to try to make a more believable look of a typed document. See images further below.

12) The lines do not all line up on the left margin like on those of the Nordyke Twins BCs and other BCs.
TRUE. This alone does not make the document a fake, but is does raise some questions. Look at the documents below, the age fields of the parents are not in line with the margin as in the other real BC for Nordyke from the next day in 1961. See images further below.

13) The “X”s in the boxes do NOT line up with the rest of the text.
TRUE, www.ObamaNotQualified.com was the first to bring it up, see images below,
This occurs too often to be a typing error and likely those were filled in later.
 See image below.


nordyke birth certificate

14) The alleged birth hospital’s site mentions that it wasn’t called that back then, according to their website.
TRUE, however, the Nordyke Twins BCs, seen just above, list the same name, so it’s highly likely that the name of the birth hospital is NOT an issue.

15) The City listed says Honolulu, Oahu, and Not Honolulu, Hawaii.
TRUE. However, this would be a common error and is not reason alone for suspicion. In fact if you look at the Nordyke Twins BCs, each has it listed differently! See image above.

16) There are no baby footprints seen on the alleged birth certificates.
TRUE, some states do not or did not do that, according to comparables. Again it seems that this was not the practice then in Hawaii. The KENYAN BC that surfaced and is alleged to be Obama’s does have a footprint on it. CLICK IMAGE OR HERE FOR IMAGE of Kenyan hospital generated long-form BC.

17) His father’s race is listed as “African” but it would have been Negro back then. 
LIKELY: This is probably true, as more research is being conducted to obtain the long-form certificates to see if any others list “African” as a race back then. It is most unlikely as per the Hawaiian Government definitions of race for vital records in 1961 listed below.

“Race and color”
“Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.” The category “white” includes, in addition to persons reported as “white,” those reported as Mexican or Puerto Rican. With one exception, a reported mixture of Negro with any other race is included in the Negro group; other mixed parentage is classified according to the race of the nonwhite parent and mixtures of nonwhite races to the race of the father. The exception refers to a mixture of Hawaiian and any other race, which is classified as Part-Hawaiian. In most tables a less detailed classification of “white” and “nonwhite” is used.”

above quote from =http://www.nber.org/vital-statistics/historical/nat61_1.CV.pdf

18) The age for Obama’s father listed on Obama’s alleged certificate is “25”, yet the age on recently released immigration documents would make him “27” at the time of Obama’s birth. 
TRUE, There are extensive records released under the Freedom of information Act (FOIA), they can be viewed at. http://www.scribd.com/doc/54015762/Barack-Hussein-Obama-Sr-Immigration-File The age of Obama’s father being incorrect on the long form BC give more reason to question its authenticity, as it is the same age incorrectly published many places regarding Obama Jr.’s political career, yet we may be sure that Obama Senior’s wife would have known his age.

19) The record number on Obama’s is higher than that of both Nordyke Twins born the day after.
TRUE, this has been known since 2008 short form COLB, and it is still a good grounds to demand that the original document in Hawaii be made available for independent professional examination by various professionals as would occur with other Historical Documents. Paper Analysis, Printing ink Analysis, Writing ink Analysis, and Handwriting Analysis. Refer to images shown previously above.

20) The layers of the document reveal the last numeral “1” of the record number is of a different layer, different resolution and different pixel size.
TRUE, just zoom in on it or, better, an original of the day 1 release .pdf from 04/27/2011. Thousands of people downloaded it that day. You can view the layers using the Adobe Illustrator program. This was reported first on www.ObamaNotQualified.com, This difference appears to be proof of document tampering and/or forgery, and is further grounds to demand that the original document in Hawaii be made available for independent professional examination by various professionals as would occur with other Historical Documents. Paper Analysis, Printing ink Analysis, Writing ink Analysis, and Handwriting Analysis.

21) Similar handwriting on Obama’s and the Nordyke Twins.
TRUE. This is most odd and is further grounds to demand that the original document in Hawaii be made available for independent professional examination by various professionals as would occur with other Historical Documents. Paper Analysis, Printing ink Analysis, Writing ink Analysis, and Handwriting Analysis.

22) The registrar’s signatures, when compared to another BC, do not seem to even look close.
TRUE, This was first noticed by Jim of www.ObamaNotQualified.com and compared to the same name signature of another BC and results posted on that site.obama-registrar-signatures,

I found another signature for the registrar, it’s from another person’s BC, and it’s from near the same time period, and upon comparison of the registrar’s signatures (see image above), even the layperson can see the 2 signatures have several substantial differences. Look at the shape and style of the first character of both as they are drastically different. Look at the size of the loops in the “L”s, the closed loops in the “e” ‘s and how in the lower signature (real) the signer’s style has an upward lift at the end of the “L”. Also note on the real signature (upper), the pen lift at the end of the signature is to the right, on the suspect signature (lower) it curves around to the left.

So, it’s most odd and again is yet further grounds to demand that the original document in Hawaii be made available for independent professional examination by various professionals as would occur with other Historical Documents. Paper Analysis, Printing ink Analysis, Writing ink Analysis, and Handwriting Analysis.

23) “Stanley” in parenthesis is handwritten above Obama’s mother’s name.
TRUE. This doesn’t mean much, as her first name was really “Stanley,” which is typically a man’s name. She (if real) or a forgery (if faked) could have realized after the fact that they had to put in her real name. While not in itself indication of a forgery, it is a question as to the validity of the signature.

24) Snopes listed a different name for the doctor than that shown on the BC.
TRUE. However, that seems to have been scrubbed from Snopes.

25) There is NO indication at all of any embossed “seal”.
TRUE, this is most odd as even recent COLB short forms have such a seal. It is most unlikely that Hawaii would release such an important document without an embossed seal, especially considering it will become a Historical Document someday.

26) Obama mentions and it is PUBLISHED in Barrack Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father” on page 26, “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms.”
TRUE. So it is highly suspicious that Obama would not simply release that sooner when asked for it for at least 3 years, but instead he allegedly requests a recent “copy” dated April, 25th 2011! This is more reason to not trust the document that was produced.

27) The border seems to be MISSING from the Obama WH alleged long-form BC but is on other Hawaiian BCs of that time period..
TRUE. Not sure how that could be explained.

28) The commas “,” are different, and differently spaced..
TRUE. On Obama’s alleged BC, the comma after the date month, is fat and different, the comma after Wichita, is lower and too close to the “a”, and the comma after the 4 in birth date it spaced too far. Compare to other BCs this is inconsistent with known authentic BCs.

29) Time is the same on Obama WH alleged long-form BC as on the alleged Obama long-form KENYAN BC.
TRUE CLICK IMAGE OR HERE FOR IMAGE of Kenyan hospital generated long-form BC.

30) There are at least TWO (2) different pixel sizes on the document, 
TRUE, This was another www.ObamaNotQualified.com discovery FIRST exclusive on 4/27/2011.
This can NOT happen on a basic scan and this is pure PROOF that the document was faked on a computer.


This is a zoom in from the original image obtained directly from the whitehouse.gov website! then saved as a .jpg and with red text added. The image is otherwise unaltered.

This difference in pixels and/or “aliasing” can also be noticed in the typewritten words, “R” in Barack, “K” in Kenya, “S” in Stanley. Aliasing” can only be done on a computer.


31) There is evidence of different type on the document. 
TRUE, look at the “ap” on “Kapiolani” the “ap” is “kerned.” Kerning is how letters are put closer together to save space.

kerning, evidence

Kerning reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerning & http://www.aclearvoice.org/archives/2004/09/killian_memos_a.php Older typewriters could only type in blocks because of the shape of the keys, so “kerning” was not possible on those, and in 1961 even the “state of the art” typewriters were ‘IBM Selectrics’ that used a swiveling ‘ball’ and not blocked keys that was just released in 1961. These were expensive  then, and most small state government agencies did not get them for many years. Typical customers of those machines were high-level newspapers and printing companies. Reference IBM archive info for 1961 http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/history/history/year_1961.html but kerning was not possible even on “state of the art” machines in 1961, so therefore it was not possible to have the “ap” so close together in 1961. I mention the IBM selectric because the ball type we very accurate so out of line characters were almost impossible, and even IF they could kern then (not possible), all that would prove is that the document was typed on 2 different typewritters of which would not make any sense and again make the document even more questionable. NO TYPEWRITER CAN KERN, because the typewriter can NOT know what letters are or will be next to the letter you are typing when you type it. A word processing machine can do that, because it makes adjustments to what you have typed previously as you go. Such was NOT available in 1961. Simply put, you can NOT have so many characters out of alignment and kerning on the same line or same words if it was typed on the same machine, and again kerning was NOT possible in 1961.

Kerning was also an issue regarding the famous faked documents in regard to President George W. Bush’s military record that was faked for CBS of which eventually several CBS staff were fired and famous reporter Dan Rather was forced to retire, so do not think for a second that the mainstream media does go along with forgeries that suit their agenda.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killian_documents_controversy Dan Rather later stated CBS fired him over it.

32) IF Obama really was born in Hawaii as his document states then he is eligible to be President of the United States.
FALSE. Obama’s document in fact supports that he is NOT eligible because it states his father’s birthplace as Kenya, and to be required for the Office of President by the US Constitution Article II, Section I, Paragraph 5, the person MUST be a “Natural born Citizen,” who must be born on US soil by parents who are BOTH US Citizens. If Obama’s father had became a US Citizen by naturalization before Obama’s birth, then Obama (if US born) may have been eligible. However, the US Government’s own immigration file on Obama Sr. shows that not only was Obama Sr. never a US Citizen or resident, but in fact it was recommended that he be deported. Obama Sr. left the US in 1964 and never returned to the USA.

Important video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru2XxW6ywas

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