April 21: “Nighthawks,” Edward Hopper



This woman that I met an hour ago,
Has hair so red, bright like a flame at dusk,
Reminding me how Mother’s hair will glow
And how her hands and face can smell like musk,

This woman, an ice queen, desires a man,
Her pores cry out for warm togetherness,
And I could take her to my room–that fan,
Bud, squeaks like a coyote in distress,

This coffee’s cold, I need a drop or two,
She needs a warm-up too . . . like Mother, she
Won’t say what she wants, makes you hunt for clues,
She’ll drive you crazy over cups of tea.

That other man has given her the eye.
I must be honest with myself, admit
I always treat a woman dignified,
And I’ll go home tomorrow and I’ll sit

Beside the fire while Mother talks and knits,
And Sammy licks my hand and sleepy Patch
Curls in my lap . . . these bills will cover this . . .
I’m sorry, but I have a train to catch.




No more talk-talk,

And more tick-tock

Countdown: She’ll have

No place to walk.


@KMYearwood: I honestly do not think anybody’s going to walk.  Trump is not making loud noises about what he and Sessions are doing privately, indictments are being handed out as we post.  I believe QAnon when he said Hillary will have no place to walk.  Military tribunals are coming and Guantanamo is waiting.

*** We know that all things work together for good for those who love God. -Rom 8:28

Comey Needs His Books to Sell

The Comey Slime

Needs books to sell

So he can pay

His lawyers* well.


*No telling whether their offices will be raided.

Trump: The big questions in Comey’s badly reviewed book aren’t answered like, how come he gave up Classified Information (jail), why did he lie to Congress (jail), why did the DNC refuse to give Server to the FBI (why didn’t they TAKE it), why the phony memos, McCabe’s $700,000 & more?

Silicon Valley panics at exposure of child sex trafficking in USA

Criminal Elites in Silicon Valley

They’re so “elite,”

They’re hip, in style,

So they protect

The pedophiles.



🔷 Why is Silicon Valley panicking at the exposure of child sex trafficking in the USA Social media platforms are frantically deleting MILLIONS of followers, likes & shares supporting our children against predators This is ugly, folks & it’s BIG. Surely you’ve noticed the weird suppression by now.
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The Shadow War

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

~Ephesians 6:12


The Shadow War

The Shadow War
Persists apace;
Select a side
And run the race.


Comey’s Attitude

Jim’s attitude

(“Above the law”)

Will not play well

With Ma and Pa.


Trump: “At least two Memos Comey shared with a friend contained Classified Information.” Wall Street Journal

Trump: James Comey’s Memos are Classified, I did not Declassify them. They belong to our Government! Therefore, he broke the law! Additionally, he totally made up many of the things he said I said, and he is already a proven liar and leaker. Where are Memos on Clinton, Lynch & others?