8 million dollars out of thin air

When does Mueller’s madness end?

Ryan Fournier‏Verified account @RyanAFournier · 3h3 hours ago

One year into the Mueller investigation and so far we have glorified a porn star, indicted people on charges unrelated to Russian collusion and spent an average of $49,340.84 per day on the investigation. When does the madness end?


  1. Mueller’s investigation grinds on, as it has for 1 yr. So far the whole thing has produced zero evidence that Trump colluded w/ the Russian govt. None. But Mueller’s many supporters in DC don’t seem to care. That because the investigation was never about Russia, obviously.


Would SESSIONS be AG (still) if DEEP STATE?

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Do you trust POTUS?
Does POTUS trust SESSIONS to protect the lives of our brave law enforcement?
Our Country?
Would SESSIONS be AG (still) if DEEP STATE?
Critical thinking dismisses fictional clickbait claims.