Sonnet 29

Sonnet 29


After the second drive-by, my nerves gnawed

My belly, and I pocketed my dad’s gun.

“Need anything from Safeway, mom?” Her God

Was food. “A donut,” said she. “Only one?”


She dropped her broom and laughed. “The meat has thawed.”

“See you.” The screen door banged. This would be fun.

The Gangstas liked to nauseate the clods

Who snapped their pictures at the Salmon Run.


Their leaders’ pants hung ’round his ankles. From

Behind I pushed the gun against his crotch.

“Shooting a six-year-old girl, that was dumb,”


I said. “It was an accident, a botch,”

He said. But when the guide talked loud, I shot.

Back home: “O Mom, your donut, I forgot.”

~Day Williams