MSM, Cover the Important Stories

More irony? While the regressive liberals continue to tilt their lances at every windmill aka msm inspired rumor of “new information ” that President Trump’s grandfather knew someone in Russia or something equally ridiculous, they have purposely forgotten to remember that: 

1) Debbie Wasserman -Schultz, the former disgraced DNC Chair and now Senator of Florida (WTF, FLORIDA!), gave access to the DNC computers and her own personal computer to the Awan brothers. Based on her recommendation, the Awan brothers, also, had access as “IT experts” to the computers of 125 Democrat Representatives in Congress. The Awan brothers were spies for the Pakistani government.
How much Intel did they collect for that arguably hostile foreign government?

2) Hillary Clinton’s emails were indeed hacked by several foreign governments. Even the oh-so-corrupt FBI admits that her server was hacked. How shocking. How much did those Exec’s at GOOGLE know? Well, they did help her re-route her emails……hmmm….rerouting emails from a secure .gov account to a GOOGLE account is illegal. If GOOGLE didn’t know that, which I doubt, Hillary certainly did.

3) Amazingly, Huma “I have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood ” Abedin had access to Hillary’s Top Secret emails and stored them on….her husband, Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Anthony Weiner knew they were there and stored them in a folder labeled INSURANCE. Not completely stupid, is he?

4) The Russian attorney who met with DJT, Jr. was denied entrance into the USA . . . but, WAIT! Loretta Lynch directed the State Dept to allow her to enter the USA.

5) Diane Feinstein’s trusted Chinese driver, who apparently had other functions, served faithfully THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT for 20 years, all right under Senator Feinstein’s nose. Senator Feinstein, who serves on some of the most important and sensitive committees in the Senate.

Oh but, that isn’t nearly as important as President Trump fucking a porn star ten years ago . . . right, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, NBC, HuffPo, NYT, etc.?