Las Vegas Update

Matt Couch 🎙‏ @RealMattCouch · 3m3 minutes ago

LAS VEGAS UPDATE: What do Stephen Paddock, Brian Hodge, and 3 ISIS Jihadists via Mexico have in common? Las Vegas … via @americafirstmg

“Conspiracy theorist”

Jared Beck‏ @JaredBeck · 1h1 hour ago

“Conspiracy theorist” has done more damage to Americans’ capacity for critical thought than any other weaponized vocabulary I can think of.

Planned Parenthood is just another Auschwitz destroying unwanted humanity

Charlie Daniels‏Verified account @CharlieDaniels · 6h6 hours ago


You formed my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
The unborn are creations of Almighty God
His word, not mine
Planned Parenthood is just another Auschwitz destroying unwanted humanity
The case will be heard in the court where verdicts are eternal


Lori Hendry‏ @Lrihendry · Sep 29

Damn right there should be an FBI investigation. But not of Kavanaugh!

Ford’s phone records should be pulled, her bank records, all of her financial records. Democrats who met with her, colluded with her, paid her, planned with her, coached her, or associated with her!

Psalm 140



For the music director.

A psalm of David.


1 Save me, O Lord, from evil men:

Guard me from men of violence,

2 Men who devise their wicked plans


Within their hearts and stir up war

Each day; 3 they make their tongues as sharp

As serpents; vipers’ poison lies


Upon their lips; Selah 4 keep me, O Lord,

From hands of evil men; protect

Me from the men of violence


Who plan to trip my feet; 5 proud men

Concealed a trap for me; they’ve spread

Out their net cords and they’ve set snares


For me along my path; 6 O Lord,

I say to you, “You are my God,

O Lord, please hear my cry for mercy.


7 Lord God,  my strong deliverer,

Who shields my head when battles rage,

8 Don’t grant the wicked their desires,


O Lord; don’t let their plans succeed,

Or they’ll turn proud, 9 and let the heads

Of those who circle’ round me be


Covered with trouble that their lips

Have carried; 10 let burning coals fall on

Them; and may they be thrown in fire;


In miry pits, never to rise.

11 Let slanderers not be established

Within the land, and may disaster


Hunt down the vicious men—12 I know

The Lord gets justice for the poor;

For needy people, he upholds


Their cause; 13 the righteous certainly

Will praise your name, and upright men


Will live before you time and again.