Do the right thing

Charlie Kirk‏Verified account @charliekirk11 · 2h2 hours ago

We are one vote away from thwarting Democrat mob rule and stopping the most pernicious, aggressive, and unethical character attack in the history of the US Senate

Senator Collins, please do the right thing and vote for Judge Kavanaugh. This is bigger than just the Supreme Court

Betrayers #2

Betrayers #2

Clink! Thirty silver pieces in his palm,
Judas betrayed Him with a kiss at night,
Regretted it, tossed back the coins–no balm–
Went forth confused, committed suicide.

Overlooked for promotion, snubbed and bruised,
Or so this brilliant general complained,
So he betrayed America for loot,
And his Boot Monument–it bears no name.

Her handler-driver was a Chinese spy
Who noted every mood, each word she said;
She talked about the nation’s secrets–
Lied to FBI, said she was no Red.

Some will betray their country; some, a friend:
Betrayers never come to a good end.

~Day Williams




A once-in-a-century miracle

James Woods 🗺‏ @GreatJamesWoods · 18h18 hours ago

Whether you love or hate him, Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency was a once-in-a-century miracle. He was literally the Man Without a Party, yet beat 16 primary competitors and an opponent whose victory was her “manifest destiny.” It was a political feat unequaled in history.