February 9: Drama and Television

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.
February 9
Drama and Television

Now look here, Smithers. They’s two kind’s of stealing. They’s the small kind, like what you does, and the big kind, like I does. Fo’ de small stealing dey put you in jail soon or late. But fo’ de big stealin’ dey puts your picture in de paper and yo’ statue in de Hall of Fame when you croak. If dey’s one thing I learned in ten years on de Pullman cars, listenin’ to de white quality talk, it’s dat same fact. And when I gits a chance to use it . . . from stowaway to emperor in two years. Dat’s goin’ some!
~Eugene O’Neill, The Emperor Jones (1920)

If that ghost have money I tells him never to haunt you – less’n he wants to lose it!
~Eugene O’Neill, The Emperor Jones (1920)

Money Matters.05b