March 11: Politicians

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.
March 11

It had been justly stated by a British writer that the power to make a small piece of paper, not worth one cent, by the inscribing of a few names, to be worth a thousand dollars, was a power too high to be entrusted to the hands of mortal man.
~John C. Calhoun, speech, U.S. Senate, December 29, 1841

Money is neither my god nor my devil. It is a form of energy that tends to make us more of who we already are, whether it’s greedy or loving.
~Dan Millman

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
~Sir Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, Hon. RA (1874–1965) was a British Conservative politician and statesman known for leading the United Kingdom during World War II.

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, 1857

Money Matters.05b

Love and Life

I may not be a famous man,
Or one who makes a hero’s plans.
I do not have a Ph.D.
Or Pulitzers in poetry.
But still I see some trouble here
(I want to be exact and clear);
I see great evil in the land,
Corruption hard to understand.

They’re killing babies left and right,
And I’m opposed with all my might.
A baby has the right to live,
To grow and laugh, to cry and give.
A baby isn’t just a rag
To toss into a bloody bag.

A baby’s us, she’s you and me,
With head and heart, with thumbs and knees.
When zygotes form within their wombs,
God forbid those wombs be tombs.
God says those lives must thrive and grow,
To see the worlds of sun and snow,
To lie upon their mothers’ breasts,
To learn and play, to work and rest.

To take those lives is no small crime,
A Holocaust that taints our time.
Soon the Lord will cast His pall:
May He have mercy on us all.

~Day Williams


1 When two years had passed, Pharaoh had

A dream: He stood beside the Nile, 2 when from

The river came up seven cows, all sleek

And fat, and the cows grazed among the reeds.

                    3 After them, seven other cows, all gaunt

And ugly, came up from the Nile and stood

Beside those on the riverbank, 4 and gaunt

And ugly cows ate up the seven sleek,

Fat cows. Then Pharaoh woke up, 5 then he fell

Asleep again and had a second dream:

A single stalk had seven heads of grain,

Healthy and good, that grew on it, 6 and after

Them, seven other heads of grain did sprout−

The east wind scorched them and it made them thin.

7 The thin grain heads consumed the seven full

And healthy heads, then Pharaoh woke up; it

Had been a dream, 8 and in the morning he

Suffered a troubled mind, so he sent for

All the magicians and wise men of Egypt.

Pharaoh told them his dreams, but no one could

Interpret them for him, 9 and then the chief

Cupbearer said to Pharaoh, “This day I’m

Reminded of my shortcomings, 10 for Pharaoh

Was angry with his servants once, and he

Imprisoned me and the chief baker in

The house of the guard captain. 11 Each of us

               Dreamed the same night, and each dream had a meaning

All of its own. 12 Now a young Hebrew was

With us, a servant of the captain of

The guard, and we told him our dreams, and he

Interpreted them for us and gave each man

The dream’s interpretation, 13 and things turned

Out as he had interpreted them to us:

I was restored to my position, and

The other man was hanged.” 14 So Pharaoh sent

For Joseph, who was quickly brought out of

The dungeon, and when he had shaved and changed

His clothes, he came before in front of Pharaoh, 15 who

Told Joseph this: “I had a dream, and no

One can interpret it, but I have heard it

Said of you that when you have heard a dream

You can interpret it.” 16 “I cannot do

It,” Joseph said to Pharaoh, “but God will

Give Pharaoh the reply that he desires.”

17 Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “In my dream

I stood on the Nile’s bank, 18 when from the river

There came up seven cows, all fat and sleek;

They grazed among the reeds; 19 and after them

Came seven other cows up−scrawny and

Ugly and lean. Such ugly cows I had

Never seen in all Egypt. 20 Now the lean

And ugly cows ate up the seven fat

               Cows that came first, 21 but even after they

Ate them, no one could tell that they had done

So; they looked just as ugly as before;

Then I woke up, 22 and in my dreams I saw

Seven grain heads, all full and good, that grew

Upon a single stalk 23 and after them

Seven other heads sprouted−withered, thin

And scorched by east wind. 24 The thin heads of grain

Swallowed the seven good heads. I told this

To the magicians, but none could explain

The dream to me,” 25 then Joseph said to Pharaoh,

“The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same.

God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is

About to do. 26 The seven good cows are

Seven years, and the seven good grain heads           

               Are seven years; it’s one and the same dream.

27 The seven lean and ugly cows that came

Up afterward are seven years; so are

               The seven worthless heads of grain scorched by

The east wind: They are seven famine years.

28 “As I told Pharaoh: God’s revealed to Pharaoh

What he’s about to do, 29 for seven years

Of great abundance are to come throughout

The land of Egypt, 30 but to follow them

You will have seven years of famine, then

All Egypt’s affluence will be forgotten,

And famine will destroy the land. 31 The land’s

               Abundance will not be remembered, for

The famine following it will be so

Severe. 32 The reason that the dream was given

To Pharaoh in two forms is that God has

Decided it, and He will do it soon.

33 Let Pharaoh seek a wise, discerning man

To oversee the land of Egypt. 34 Let

Pharaoh appoint commissioners above

The land to take one fifth of Egypt’s harvest

During the seven years of plenty. 35 They

Should gather all the food of these good years

Coming and store the grain up under Pharaoh’s

Authority, to keep the grain for food

In cities, 36 and this food should be stored up

As a reserve for Egypt, to be used

During the seven famine years that will

Strike Egypt, so the country may not be

Destroyed by famine.” 37 Pharaoh felt the plan

Was good, and so did his officials, 38 so

Pharaoh asked them, “Can we find anyone

Like this man, one who has God’s spirit?” 39 Then

Pharaoh told Joseph, “Since God has made all

This known to you, no one is so discerning

And wise as you: 40 You are to oversee

My palace, and my people shall submit

To your commands, and I’ll be greater than

 You only as respects the throne,” 41 so Pharaoh

Told Joseph, “I put you in charge of Egypt—

The whole land.” 42 Pharaoh took his signet ring

From his own finger and he put it on

Joseph’s finger, and he dressed Joseph in

Fine linen robes and put a gold chain ‘round

His neck, 43 and Pharaoh had him ride inside           

A chariot as second-in-command,

And up in front of him men yelled, “Make way!”

Thus he put him in charge of the whole land

Of Egypt. 44 Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I

Am Pharaoh, but without your word no one

Will lift a hand or foot in Egypt.” 45 Pharaoh

Named Joseph Zaphenath-Paneah and

He gave him Asenath the daughter of

Potiphera, the priest of On, to be

His wife, and Joseph went throughout the land

Of Egypt. 46 He was thirty years old when

He started serving Pharaoh, Egypt’s king;

               And Joseph went from Pharaoh’s presence and

Traveled throughout all Egypt; 47 and the land

Yielded a bounty in the seven years

Of plenty. 48 Joseph gathered all the food

Grown in those seven years of plenty in

Egypt and stored it in the cities. In

Each city he put food grown in the fields

Around it; 49 Joseph stored huge quantities

Of grain, like sea sand; it was so much that

He stopped maintaining records, for it was

Immeasurable, 50 and before the years

Of famine came, two sons were born to Joseph

By Asenath, who was the daughter of

Potiphera, the priest of On, 51 and Joseph’s

Firstborn he named Manasseh, saying, “It’s

Because God has made me forget my trouble

And all my father’s house.” 52 The second son

Joseph named Ephraim and said, “It is

               Because God’s made me fruitful in the land

Where I have suffered.” 53 Now the seven years

Of affluence in Egypt ended, 54 and

The seven years of famine started, just

As Joseph had said. All the other lands

Had famine, but in the whole land of Egypt

There was some food. 55 When Egypt started to

Feel famished, people cried to Pharaoh for

Some food. Then Pharaoh told all the Egyptians,

“Go up to Joseph and do what he tells

You.” 56 When the famine had spread over all

The country, Joseph opened storehouses

And sold some grain to the Egyptians, for

The famine was severe in Egypt. 57 And

All countries came to Egypt to buy grain

From Joseph, for the famine was severe

In country after country, year by year.