Justice Court

Justice Court

She rode her bike to justice court
In Mayor William’s town.
The judge was mad ‘cause she looked bad,
And reigned with snarls and frowns.

She pled her cause with sobs and tears:
How someone stole her ring
That had a jewel that made men drool,
Made women dance and sing.

She rapped her gavel and declared,
“You’ve brought no suspect in,”
She folded hands as she commanded,
“No case, and no one wins.”

“Please, not so fast,” she pleaded loud,
“I have a suspect here
Who wears the ring that’s more than bling.”
The judge roared, “Make it clear!”

“Let’s have the bailiff take that ring
You wear on your right hand–
Sure as the sun, that is the one
To be my wedding band.”

The bailiff grabbed the judge’s robe
When she sneaked for the door,
Held her for cops who hurried up
And cuffed her on the floor.

“I wanted that exquisite ring,”
The judge cried and confessed,
“I was so wrong yet I felt strong
To have the very best.”

“Don’t take what isn’t yours,” said she,
“Your eyes can make you lust
For beauty’s art with all your heart,
But in the end you’ll bust.”

~Day Williams