1 The Lord told Moses, “Look, I have made you

Like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron

Shall be your prophet. 2 I will let your brother

Aaron go speak for you. He’ll tell the king

Your word, the way a prophet speaks my message

To people, so tell Aaron everything

I say to you, and he will tell the king

To let my people leave his country, 3 but

I’ll make the king so stubborn 4 that he will

Not listen to you. He won=t listen even

When I do many awful things to him and

           His land, then I’ll bring final punishment

On Egypt, and the king will let the tribes

And families of Israel go free,

5 Then the Egyptians will know I’m the LORD.”

6 Moses and Aaron did obey the LORD

And did speak to the king. 7 At the time, Moses

Was eighty years old; Aaron, eighty‑three.

8 God told them, 9 “When the Pharaoh says to you,

‘Perform a miracle,’ then say to Aaron,

           ‘Throw down your walking stick before the king,’

And it will turn into a snake,” 10 so Moses

            And Aaron went into the king and his

Officials and they did exactly as

The Lord commanded−Aaron threw the stick

Down, and it turned into a snake. 11 The king

            Summoned the wise men and magicians, who

Employed their secret powers to do the same.

12 They threw down sticks that changed to snakes, but Aaron’s

            Snake swallowed theirs. 13 The king behaved just as

The LORD had said and stubbornly refused

To listen. 14 God told Moses: “Egypt’s king

           Is stubborn and won’t change his mind and let

The people go. 15 Tomorrow morning take

The stick that turned into a snake, then wait

            By the Nile River for the king. 16 Tell him,

“The Hebrews’ God sent me to order you

To let his people go, so they can worship

           Him in the desert, but ’til now, you’ve paid

No heed. 17 The LORD is ready to do something

To show you that He really is the LORD.

           I’ll strike the Nile with this stick, and the water

Will turn to blood. 18 The fish will die, the river

Will stink, and no Egyptian will be able

           To drink the water.'” 19 God said, “Moses, tell

Aaron to hold his stick above the water.

And when he does, each water drop in Egypt

            Will change to blood, including rivers, ponds,

Canals, and water in the jars and pails.”

20 Moses and Aaron did obey the LORD.

            So as the king and his officials watched,

Aaron held out his stick, then struck the Nile.

The river turned to blood, 21 the fish died, and

            The water smelled so bad that no Egyptian  

Could drink it. Blood was everywhere in Egypt.

22 But the Egyptian sorcerers employed

            Their secret powers to do the same thing.

The king did just as God had said he would−

He stubbornly refused to listen, 23 then

            He went back to his palace and he never

Gave it a second thought. 24 Egyptians had

To dig some holes along the river banks

            For drinking water, for the river water

Was too fouled up to drink. Now in a while−

Seven days after God had struck the Nile−