September 26: “Miracles of Jesus” (3/12) by Day Williams


His fame increased. One evening he said, “Steer
The boat from here down to the other shore,”
So they went; the waves rose and the winds whizzed
While Jesus in the stern was fast asleep

Upon a cushion, and the boat was sinking,
And they said, “Teacher, don’t you care if we
Drown?” and he got up, rebuked the wind
And told the waves to quiet down, as though

He spoke as dad to son who’s done a prank.
The wind and waves subsided to a breeze,
Then they were calm. He’d stretched disciples’ minds,
As God will do to those who come to know

Him, and they asked, “Who is this who can tell
The wind and waves to quiet down, and they
Were scared, yet to the territory of
The Gadarenes they walked with Him, when men,

Two men possessed by demons, men who dwelt
In tombs, came, screamed, “Why do you come our way
And interfere with us, God’s Son? You’d love
To torture us before the time comes when

We will be punished. If you cast us out,
Then cast us in that herd of pudgy pigs
That feeds on that hill!” “Go, then,” He commanded,
And demons left the men, went in the herd,

Which plunged down that steep hillside and was drowned
In water; herdsman ran to town, so big
This was, and people did not understand
And begged Him to depart, as they preferred.