“Highway 50 Series” by Day Williams

     “The Loneliest Road in America”


Custom Print

Greeting Card

God the Rock


“God Rocks” poster

Skull on Wall, Austin, Nevada

“Skull on Wall” custom print

Desert Grave, Alkali Flat, Nevada

Buffalo (B. Bison), Willow Creek Ranch, Nevada

 abandoned sofa Leeteville Jctn.sml

mining rig Ruth bw 3 10mb

“Mining Rig, Ruth” Postcard


“Mining Rig, Ruth” pen and ink, poster

Austin 2 bw.sml

Day hwy 50.sml

The lonely road

Has saddened me:

It seems to stretch


Eureka courthouse.sml

Cara in Rocks, Alkali Flat

Copper-colored water, alkali flat, Nevada

Binocular Man, Silver Springs, Nevada

“Binocular Man” Color Poster

“Binocular Man” black and white postcard

“Binocular Man” Postcardbarber shop Ely.sml


barbed wire bw.sml

Boot on Fence Post, Highway 50, Nevada


Shoe Tree, Highway 50, Nevada

Chevy Grille, Ely, Nevada

Miner's Cabin

“Cabin Ruins” poster

shoe tree bw 10mb

Postcard of “Shoe Tree”

miner statute Ely bw 10mb

Postcard of Statue of Miner, Ely