Hebrews Chapter Eleven


1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope

For, and assured of what we do not see.

2 That’s what the ancients were commended for.


3 By faith we understand the universe

Was formed at God’s command, so what is seen

Was not made out of what was visible.


4 It was by faith that Abel offered God

A better sacrifice than Cain did. God

Accepted Abel as a righteous man,


And he spoke well of Abel’s offerings.

Even though Abel’s dead, yet by his faith

He speaks to us today of trusting God.


5 It was by faith that God took Enoch from

This life so that he did not die. He was

Not found, for God promoted him. Before


This, God had said how pleased he was with him;

6 And with no faith it is impossible

To please God, for whoever comes to him


Has to believe that he exists and he

Rewards those diligently seeking him.

7 It was by faith that Noah, when God warned


About things not yet seen, in holy fear

Prepared an ark to save his family,

And by this act of faith condemned the world.


This won for him the righteousness that comes

By faith. 8 It was by faith that Abraham

Obeyed the summons to go to a place


He would eventually receive as his

Inheritance, obeyed and went, although

His destination was a mystery.


9 And even when he reached God’s promised land,

He lived in tents, the same as Isaac and

Jacob (like strangers in a foreign land),


Co-heirs with him of the same promise, 10 for

He had his eyes upon that city of

Which the designer and the builder is


God. 11 Sarah, too, had faith. Because of this

She gained the energy to bear a child

In spite of her old age, for she believed


Him faithful who had made the promise, 12 so

From this one man, and he as good as dead,

Arose a race as countless as the stars,


As numerous as sand on ocean shores.

13 These men of faith that I have mentioned died

Without receiving all God promised them.


They saw it all awaiting them ahead,

And they were glad, for they admitted they

Were aliens and strangers on the earth.


14 For men who say that, mean they’re looking for

A country of their own. 15 If they had meant

The country they had left, they would have had


The chance to have returned. 16 Instead,

They now desire a better country, one

In heaven. Therefore God is not ashamed


That he is called their God, for he’s prepared

For them a city. 17 Abraham by faith,

While God was testing him, offered Isaac


On the altar as a sacrifice. He who’d

Received the promises was ready to

Kill him, his one and only son, 18 although


God had told him, “It is through Isaac that

Your offspring will be reckoned.” 19 Abraham

Believed that God could raise the dead, and so


To speak, he did receive his son back from

The dead. 20 It was by faith that Isaac blessed

Jacob and Esau in regard to things


To come. 21 It was by faith that Jacob, when

Old and dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons,

And worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.


22 It was by faith that Joseph, when his end

Was near, spoke confidently of how God

Would bring the Israelites from Egypt and


He gave instructions for his bones. 23 By faith

After Moses was born, his parents hid

Him for three months because they saw he was


No ordinary child and they were not

Afraid of the king’s edict. 24 By faith Moses,

When he had grown, rejected being called


The son of Pharaoh’s daughter, 25 but he chose

To share mistreatment with God’s people rather

Than savor sin’s delights for a short time.


26 He rated degradation for the sake

Of Christ of greater value than the whole

Of Egypt’s treasures, for he looked ahead


To his reward. 27 By faith he left the land

Of Egypt, not afraid of Pharaoh’s wrath;

He persevered because he saw him who’s


Invisible. 28 By faith he ordered them

To kill a lamb as God had told them to

And sprinkle blood upon the doorposts of


Their homes so that Death’s Angel would not touch

The firstborn in the homes of Israel.

29 By faith the people passed through the Red Sea


As on dry land; but when Egyptians tried

To do so, they were drowned. 30 By faith the walls

Of Jericho fell, after Israelites


Had marched around them seven days. 31 By faith

Rahab the harlot was not killed with those

Who disobeyed, because she welcomed spies.


32 And what more shall I say? I don’t have time

To tell of Gideon and Barak, Samson,

Jephthah and David, Samuel and the prophets,


33 Who through faith overpowered kingdoms, worked

Righteousness, gaining what was promised; who

Shut lions’ mouths 34 and quenched the violence


Of flames, and dodged the sword’s edge; who out of

Weakness were strengthened; who were given power

In battle; they made armies turn and run


Away. 35 Some women gained their loved ones back

From death, and others suffered torture, not

Accepting their release, so they might gain


A better resurrection. 36 Some faced jeers

And had their backs ripped up by whips, while others

Were chained and put in prison. 37 They were stoned,


And some were sawed in two; and some were killed

By swords. Some went about in skins of sheep

And goats, impoverished and persecuted


And mistreated− 38 the world did not deserve

To have them. They meandered in the deserts

And mountains, and in dens and caves. 39 These were


All celebrated for their faith, yet none

Of them received what had been promised. 40 God

Had planned a better thing for us, so sweet:


Only with us would they be made complete.



“Noah’s Ark,” Edward Hicks

January 18: “Miracles of Jesus” (9/12) by Day Williams


Martha went out but Mary stayed, preparing
For His arrival, and when Martha greeted
Jesus, she said to him, “It would have turned
Out better; he would not be in his grave

If you had been here, but because you care,
Even now I know God will give you, Jesus,
Whatever you ask.” Jesus was concerned
And told her, “Lazarus will rise once more.”

“Yes,” Martha said, “he’ll rise, as we’re aware,
On the last day when everybody sees
You when they rise from graves–yet I still mourn.”
Jesus told her what she knew from talks before:

Mary, Lazarus, and Martha

Hebrews Chapter Ten


1 The law is but a shadow of good things
To come, and not the very image of
The things, so it can never, by the same

Sacrifices repeated endlessly
Year after year, make perfect those who come
To worship. 2 Otherwise, would they not have

Ceased to be offered? If the worshipers
Had once been cleansed, they would no longer have
Felt guilty for their sins. The opposite,

However, happened, 3 for those sacrifices
Are annual reminders of their sins,
4 Because it is impossible for blood

Of bulls and goats to take away the guilt
Of sin. 5 Therefore, when Christ came in the world,
He stated: “Sacrifice and offering

You did not desire, but a body you
Prepared me; 6 with burnt offerings and sin
Offerings you have taken no delight.

Then I said, 7 ‘Lo, here I am−it is written
About me in the scroll−I’ve come to do
Your will, O God.’” 8 At first above he said,

“Sacrifices and offerings, with burnt
Offerings and sin offerings you have
Taken no delight,” (even though the law

Required them). 9 Then he stated, “Here I am,
I’ve come to do your will.” He sets aside
The first to institute the second, 10 and

By that will, we have been made holy through
The sacrifice once for all of the body
Of Jesus Christ; 11 and every priest stands daily

And ministers; again and yet again
He offers identical sacrifices,
Which never can take sins away, 12 but when

This priest had offered up one sacrifice
For sins forever, he sat down at God’s
Right hand, 13 and ever since that time, he waits

Until his enemies are made his footstool,
14 For by one sacrifice he has made perfect
Forever those whom he is making holy.

15 The Holy Spirit also testifies
To us of this. At first he says: 16 “This is
The covenant which I will make with them

After those days, the Lord says. I will put
My laws within their hearts, and I will write
Them on their minds,” 17 and then he adds: “Their sins

And lawless acts I will remember no
More.” 18 And where these have been forgiven, there
No longer is a sacrifice for sin.

19 Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence
To enter the Most Holy Place by Jesus’
Blood, 20 by a new and living way that’s opened

For us by tearing through the veil, that is,
His body, 21 and since we have a great priest
Over the house of God, 22 let us draw near

To God with a true heart in full assurance
Of faith, having our hearts are sprinkled with
Christ’s blood to cleanse us from a guilty conscience,

Just as pure water cleans our bodies. 23 Let
Us hold unswervingly onto the hope
That we profess, for he who promised us

Is faithful, 24 and let us consider how
We may spur one another on toward love
And good deeds. 25 Let us not give up assembling

Ourselves together, as some people do,
But let’s encourage one another−and all
The more so as you see the Day approaching.

26 If we deliberately continue sinning
After we have received the knowledge of
The truth, no sacrifice for sins is left,

27 But only terrifying expectation
Of judgment and of raging fire that will
Consume the enemies of God. 28 He who

Rejected Moses’ law was killed without
Mercy upon the testimony of
Two or three witnesses. 29 Think how much more

Severe the punishment will be for those
Who’ve trampled underfoot the Son of God,
Who’ve treated as a vulgar thing the blood

Out of the covenant that sanctified
Him, and who have abused the Holy Spirit,
The giver of God’s grace? 30 For we know him

Who said, “It is mine to retaliate,
I will repay,” the LORD says, and again,
“The LORD will judge his people.” 31 For it is

A dreadful thing to fall into the hands
Of God the living, 32 but remember those
Past days once you’d received the light, when you

Went through a great and painful struggle 33 partly
Because you were exposed in public to
Sharp ridicule and persecution; for

You watched and sympathized with those who were
Treated the same. 34 You sympathized with those
In prison and accepted joyfully

The taking of your property, because
You knew that you had better, more enduring
Possessions up in heaven, 35 so don’t throw

Away your confidence; it will be richly
Rewarded, 36 for you need to persevere
So that when you have done the will of God,

You will receive what he has promised. 37 For
“In just a little while, He who is coming
Will come and shall not tarry, 38 but my righteous

One will live by faith. And if he shrinks back,
I won’t be pleased with him.” 39 But we are not
Of those who shrink back and are devastated,

But we’re of those who keep faith and are saved.





Hebrews Chapter Nine


1 Now the first covenant had certain rules

For worship, and there was a sacred tent

Set up which had two rooms. 2 The first contained


The golden lampstand and the table with

The consecrated bread; this part was called

The Holy Place. 3 Beyond the curtain was


The inner tent, called the Most Holy Place.

4 The golden incense-altar and the chest

Covered with gold, the Ark of Covenant,


Were in that room. The chest, or Ark, contained

The golden jar of manna, Aaron’s staff

That budded and the two stone tablets


Inscribed with the Commandments, 5 and above

The Ark were statues of the cherubim

Of glory with their wings outstretched across


The cover of the Ark, the mercy seat.

All this is meaningful but now is not

The time to tell it all in detail. 6 When


These things were thus arranged, the priests went in

The outer room habitually to

Perform their work 7 but only the High Priest


Entered the inner room, and only once

A year, alone. He bore a sacrifice

Of blood and offered it for his own sins


And sins of all the people. 8 By these things

The Holy Spirit showed that while the first

Room was still standing, common people could


Not enter the Most Holy Place. 9 This is

An illustration for the present time

In which both gifts and sacrifices are


Presented, yet they fail to cleanse the hearts

Of people bringing them. 10 They have to do

Only with food and drink and various


Washings and rules for conduct, which were meant

To stay ‘til Christ arrived with God’s new way.

11 When Christ came as High Priest of the new way


That is already here, he entered through

The greater and more perfect tent that is

Not man-made, that is to say, not a part


Of this creation. 12 He did not go in

Through blood of goats and calves. No, he took his

Own blood to the Most Holy Place, and won


Eternal reconciliation for

Mankind with God. 13 The blood of goats and bulls

And ashes of a heifer sprinkled on


The people who are ritually unclean

Remove impurities and sanctify

Them so that they are clean externally.


14 How much more, then, the blood of Christ will cleanse

Our consciences from acts that lead to death,

So we may serve the living God! For by


Th’eternal Holy Spirit’s help, Christ gave

Himself without a spot to God. He was

The perfect sacrifice. 15 Christ came with this


New covenant so everyone who’s called

May share forever all the wonders God

Has promised, for Christ died to rescue them


From penalty of sins committed while

They were still under the old covenant.

16 For where there is a will, it must be proved


The man who made the will has died, 17 for ‘til

The one who wrote the will is dead, it has

No legal power, 18 and indeed we find


That even the first covenant was not

Put into place without the use of blood.

19 First, Moses gave the Law’s commandments to


The people. Then he took the blood of calves,

Together with some water, scarlet wool

And hyssop, and he sprinkled both the scroll


And all the people. 20 Moses said, “This is

The blood which seals the covenant that God’s

Commanded you to keep.” 21 In the same way,


He sprinkled blood upon the tent and on

Things used in worship. 22 Nearly everything

Is cleansed with blood according to the Law.


For there to be forgiveness, blood must be

Shed. 23 That is why the sacred tent down here

On earth, and everything in it−those things


Copied from things in heaven−had to be

Made pure by Moses through the sprinkling with

The blood of animals. But the real things


Themselves in heaven were made pure by far

More precious offerings, 24 for Christ did not

God in a man-made sanctuary which


Was but a copy of the true one; he

Went into the true heaven to appear

In front of God on our behalf, 25 nor did


He often make himself an offering

The same way as the high priest every year

Goes into the Most Holy Place with blood


Of animals, 26 for then he would have had

To suffer often since the world began.

But no! Now, once for all, he has appeared


At the completion of the ages to

Abolish sin by dying in our place.

27 As man is destined to die once, and then


To face the judgment, 28 so it’s sure that Christ

Was offered once to take away the sins

Of many people, and he will appear


A second time, and not to bear sin, but

To bring salvation to all those looking for

His coming, hoping for it more and more.





Hebrews Chapter Eight


1 The point of what we’re telling you is this:

We do have such a high priest, who sat by

The right hand of the Majesty in heaven,


Sat by his throne, 2 who ministers within

The sanctuary, the true tabernacle

That is set up by God and not by man.


3 Every high priest is designated to

Offer both gifts and sacrifices, and

So it was necessary for this one


To offer something also. 4 If he were

On earth, he would not be a priest, because

There are already men who offer gifts


The law prescribes. 5 The sanctuary where

They serve is but a copy and a shadow

Of that which is in heaven. This is why


Moses was cautioned when he was about

To build the tabernacle: “See to it

That you make everything according to

The pattern shown you on the mountain,” 6 but

The ministry that Jesus has received

Is finer than theirs, as the covenant


Of which he is the mediator is

Superior to the old one, and it

Is built on better promises, 7 for if


Nothing was wrong with that first covenant,

No place would have been hunted for another,

8 But the Lord found the people sinful and


He said, “The time is coming, God declares,

When I’ll establish a new covenant

Both with the house of Israel and with


The house of Judah, 9 and it won’t be like

The covenant that I established with

Their forebears when I took them by the hand


To lead them out of Egypt, for they did

Not stay devoted to my covenant,

And so I turned from them, declares the Lord.


After that time, declares the Lord, 10 this is

The covenant I will make with the house

Of Israel. I’ll put my laws within their minds


And write them on their hearts. I’ll be their God,

And they will be my people. 11 No more will

A man instruct his neighbor, or a man


His brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ because

They will all know me, from the least of them

Up to the greatest, 12 for I will forgive


Their evil and recall their sins no more.”

13 In saying that this covenant was “new,”

He made the first one old, and what decays


And ages presently will fade away.




Hebrews Chapter Seven


1 For this Melchizedek was Salem’s king,

Priest of God Most High, who met Abraham

When he returned from the defeat of kings,


And blessed him, 2 on whom Abraham conferred

A tenth of everything. First, his name means

“The king of righteousness”; then also, “king


Of Salem” means “the king of peace.” 3 Without

A father or a mother, or descent,

And having no beginning of his days


Or end of life, but like the Son of God

He stays a priest forever. 4 You see, then,

How great he was, that Abraham the first

And the most honored man among all of

God’s chosen people, gave to him one tenth

Of all his spoils of battle. 5 Now the law


Requires Levitical descendants who

Are members of the priesthood to collect

A tenth from their own countrymen, that is,


Their brothers, even though their brothers are

Descended too from Abraham. 6 This man,

Melchizedek, was not from Levi’s line,


And yet he took a tenth from Abraham

And blessed him who received God’s promises.

7 There is no doubt the one who blesses is


Greater than any person who is blessed.

8 The Jewish priests, though mortal, took in tithes,

But with Melchizedek, they were received


By him who is declared to be alive,

9 And you might say when Abraham paid him

The tenth, 10 that Levi, whose descendants take


The tenth, paid it too. He was not yet born

But in a sense was in the body of

His ancestor when this Melchizedek


Met Abraham. 11 Now if perfection could

Have been attained through Jewish priests and laws

(The law was given to the people on


The basis of the Levite’s priesthood), why

Was there a need for yet another priest

To come− and not in Aaron’s order but


One in the order of Melchizedek?

12 For when the priesthood has a change, the law

Must also change. 13 Our Lord, of whom these things


Are said, was in another tribe; none

Belonging to that tribe has ever served

As altar priest, 14 for it is clear our Lord


Was born in Judah’s tribe, and Moses did

Not mention Judah when he spoke of priests;

15 And what we’ve said is even clearer if


Another priest, one like Melchizedek,

Appears, 16 one not made priest by human rules

But on the basis of the power which


Is flowing from an endless life, 17 for it’s

Declared, “You are a priest forever in

The order of Melchizedek.” 18 Because


The former rule was weak and useless 19 (for

The law made nothing perfect), it is set

Aside. But now we have a better hope


By which we may draw near to God, 20 and it

Was not without an oath. 21 God took an oath

That Christ would always be a priest, although


He never said that of the other priests.

Only to Christ he said, “The Lord has sworn

And never will he change his mind: You are


A priest forever in the order of

Melchizedek.” 22 Because of God’s oath, Christ

Can guarantee forever the success


Of this new covenant. 23 Those other priests

Were many, for they died and could not stay

In office for their work, 24 but Jesus lives


Forever and continues as a priest,

So no one else is needed. 25 He can save

Completely all who come to God through him,


Because he lives to intercede for them.

                  26 Such a high priest does meet our need—one who

Is holy, blameless, pure, set off from sinners,


Lifted above the heavens. 27 Unlike other

High priests, he need not offer sacrifices

Day after day, first for his own sins, and


Then for the people’s sins. He sacrificed

For their sins once and for all when he offered

Himself, 28 because the law appoints as high


Priests men in all their weakness; but the oath,

Which was made later than the law, decreed

The Son, who’s been perfected endlessly.




Hebrews Chapter Six


1 So let us leave the elementary
Doctrine of Christ. Instead, let us go on
To be mature in understanding, as

Strong Christians ought to be. We do not need
To speak again about repentance from
The acts that lead to death, of faith in God,

2 Of baptisms and laying on of hands,
The resurrection of the dead, and of
Eternal judgment; 3 and, God willing, we

Will now go on to other things. 4 It is
Impossible for those who have once been
Enlightened, who have tasted for themselves

The gifts of heaven and experienced
The Holy Spirit, 5 and who know how good
The Word of God is and the powers of

The coming age, 6 if they have turned on God,
To have renewal in repentance, for
To their own loss they’ve nailed the Son of God

Onto the cross again and held him up
To ridicule, disgrace, and public shame,
7 For when a farmer’s land has had much rain

Fall on it and good crops come up, it has received
God’s blessing, 8 but if it keeps having crops
Of thorns and thistles, it’s considered no

Good, near to being cursed, and in the end
It will be burned. 9 Dear friends, though I may talk
Like this, I’m confident of better things

With you, that you’re producing the good fruit
That comes along with your salvation. 10 God
Is not unfair: He won’t forget your work

For him, or how you showed your love for him,
By your assistance to his people. 11 We
Want each of you to show this diligence

As long as life endures, so you’ll receive
Your full reward. 12 We do not want you to
Become lethargic but to imitate

Those who receive all God has promised them
Because of their strong faith and patience. 13 When
God promised Abraham, since there was none

Greater for him to swear by, he swore by
Himself and said, 14 “I’ll surely bless you and
Give you a son and give you numerous

Descendants,” 15 so after patiently waiting,
Abraham received what was promised. 16 When
Men take oaths, they swear by someone greater

Than themselves, and the oath confirms what is
Stated and finishes all argument.
17 God also bound himself when he confirmed

It with an oath, so that those to whom
He promised help would understand God’s purpose
Would never change. 18 He’s given us his promise

And oath, two things that we can fully count
On, for it is impossible for God
To tell a lie. 19 We who have fled to take

Hold of the hope that’s offered us may be
Greatly encouraged for we have this hope
As our soul’s anchor, firm and safe, which

Connects us with the inner shrine behind
The veil, 20 where Jesus went ahead of us
To plead for us from his eternal place

As our High Priest, with the high rank and respect
After the order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews Chapter Five


1 For every high priest taken from among
Men is ordained to speak for other men
In things concerning God, to offer gifts

And sacrifices as a covering
For sins. 2 He’s able to deal gently with
The foolish and the ignorant because

He too is weak. 3 That’s why he has
To offer sacrifices for his own
Sins as well as the people’s sins. 4 No one

Can take this honor on himself; he must
Be called by God, as Aaron was. 5 So Christ
Too did not take such honor on himself,

The honor of becoming the High Priest.
Instead, God said to him, “You are my Son,”
Today I have become your Father.” 6 He

Says too: “You are a priest forever in
The order of Melchizedek.” 7 While Christ
Was here on earth, he pled with God and prayed

With tears and agony of soul to God,
Who could save him from death, and he was heard
Because he wanted to obey the Lord,

8 But even though he was God’s Son he learned
To be obedient through suffering,
9 And, once made perfect, he became the source

Of a perpetual salvation to
All who obey him, 10 and then God declared
He was to have the office of high priest,

And in the order of Melchizedek.
11 I have much more I’d like to say along
These lines, but you don’t seem to listen, so

It’s hard to make you understand. 12 In fact,
You have been Christians for a long time now,
And should be teaching others but instead

You still need someone to instruct you in
The basic principles in God’s Word all
Over again. 13 You are like babies who

Still live on milk, not being old enough
For solid food; that is, experience
To learn what’s right and wrong, 14 but solid food

Is for mature believers, who have learned
Through use how good and evil are discerned.




Hebrews Chapter Four


1 Although God’s promise stands−his promise we
May enter in his place of rest−we should
Be careful so that none of us seem to

Have fallen short of it, 2 for we have had
The gospel preached to us, just as it was
To those who lived in Moses’ time.

The message which they heard did them no good,
Because it did not meet with faith in those
Who heard. 3 We who believe can enter in

That rest, as God has said, “So I declared
On oath in anger, ‘They will never come
Into my place of rest.’” And yet his work

Has been completed since he made the world.
4 For he has spoken of the seventh day
Somewhere as follows: “On the seventh day

God rested, having finished all he planned
To make.” 5 Again in the same place he says,
“They’ll never enter in my rest.” 6 It still

Remains that some will enter in that place
Of rest, and those who had the gospel preached
To them before, did not go in because

Of disobedience; 7 but he has set
Another time for going in− that time
Is now. God told of this much later when

He spoke through David, as was said before:
“Today, if you should hear his voice, do not
Harden your hearts.” 8 For this new place of rest

He talks about does not suggest the land
Of Israel that Joshua led them to.
9 If God had meant that, he would not have said

Long afterwards there was a Sabbath-rest
For us, God’s people, 10 for whoever comes
Into God’s rest rests also from his own

Work, just as God did rest from his. 11 Let us,
Then, do our best to enter in that place
Of rest so none will fall by the same sort

Of disobedience. 12 For what God says
To us is full of living power: it
Is sharper than a two-edged sword, and it

Cuts down deep even to dividing soul
And spirit, joints and marrow, judging thoughts
And attitudes of hearts, 13 for nothing in

Creation is concealed from God. All things
Are open and laid bare before the eyes
Of him to whom we must give an account.

14 Since then we have a great high priest who has
Passed through the heavens, Jesus, who’s the Son
Of God, let us hold firmly to the faith

Which we profess. For we have no high priest
Who cannot sympathize with weaknesses
In us. 15 Instead, we have a high priest who’s

Been tempted every way, just as we are−
Yet never once gave way to them and sinned,
16 So let us then approach the throne of God

With confidence, so that we may receive
His mercy and find grace so we’ll proceed
With Jesus’ help when we have times of need.



Hebrews Chapter Three


1 So, holy brothers, set apart to God

Himself and called from heaven, fix your thoughts

On Jesus, the apostle and high priest


Whom we confess, 2 for he was faithful to

The One appointing him High Priest, the way

That Moses too was faithful in God’s house,


3 For he was counted worthy to receive

More glory than did Moses, just as he

Who builds a house has greater honor than


The house itself, 4 for every house is built

By someone, but he who built everything

Is God, 5 and Moses did a faithful job


Working in God’s house as a servant, for

A testimony to the things to come;

6 But Christ, God’s faithful Son, is in complete


Command of God’s house, and we are his house,

If we keep up our courage and the hope

Of which we boast. And since Christ is so much


Superior, 7 the Holy Spirit warns,

“Today, be careful that you hear his voice,

8 And do not let your hearts be set against


Him as you did in the rebellion, 9 as

Your fathers did in time of testing in

The desert, trying God for forty years.”


But God was patient with them. Though they tried

His patience, he kept on performing his

Great miracles for them to see. 10 “But,” God


Says, “That is why I was so angry with

That generation, and I said, ‘Their hearts

Were always looking somewhere else instead


Of up to me. They haven’t known my ways.’“

11 So I declared on oath in anger, ‘They

Will never reach my place of rest.’” 12 See to


It, brothers, lest there be in you a heart

Of sin and unbelief that leads you from

The living God. 13 As long as it is called


Today, encourage one another each

And every day, so none of you become

Hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. 14 We’ve come


To share in Christ if we hold firmly till

The end the confidence we had at first.

15 As it was said, “Today, if you should heart


God’s voice, don’t walk with hardened hearts, as you

Did during the rebellion.” 16 Who were they

Who heard God’s voice but then rebelled against


Him? Were they not all those whom Moses led

Out of the land of Egypt? 17 And with whom

Was God enraged for forty years? With those


Who sinned and died within the wilderness.

Again, 18 to whom did God swear that they would

Never come in the promised land, if not


To those who disobeyed? 19 We see, in brief,

Why they could not go in: unbelief.