March 24: “Miracles of Jesus” (9/12) by Day Williams


Martha went out but Mary stayed, preparing
For His arrival, and when Martha greeted
Jesus, she said to him, “It would have turned
Out better; he would not be in his grave

If you had been here, but because you care,
Even now I know God will give you, Jesus,
Whatever you ask.” Jesus was concerned
And told her, “Lazarus will rise once more.”

“Yes,” Martha said, “he’ll rise, as we’re aware,
On the last day when everybody sees
You when they rise from graves–yet I still mourn.”
Jesus told her what she knew from talks before:

Mary, Lazarus, and Martha

March 23: “Miracles of Jesus” (8/12) by Day Williams


Once Jesus cast a demon out, the man
Began to speak, which thrilled the crowds, who blurted
Out, “Nothing like this has ever occurred
In Israel!” But jealous Pharisees

Denounced the Lord as being no more than
A Satan-follower; then Jesus hurried
Into Jerusalem, where water stirred
A pool that healed the sick of their diseases,

And Jesus met an invalid and asked
Him, “Do you want to become well?” No one
Had put the man into the pool that healed
The sick whenever water was disturbed.

Jesus told him, “Stand up! Pick up your mat
And walk.” At once the man was healed, which stunned
The Pharisees, who wanted men to kneel
To legalistic ways, not God’s superb

Atoning grace, favor unmerited.
Next, Jesus went off to the other side
Of the Sea of Galilee, a giant crowd
Following him due to His miracles,

And He asked them, “Where can we buy bread
So that this crowd may eat?” Andrew, beside
The Lord, said that a boy had come around
With five loaves and two fish, but, “Who’d be full

When those were split among the crowd?” The Lord
Had people sit down on the grass, then took
The loaves, gave thanks, and handed out the bread,
Then did the same with the two fish, and each

Person had as much as he wanted, for
The food was plentiful. When Jesus looked
And saw that all were satisfied, he said
To his disciples, “Gather broken pieces

Left over, so that nothing’s wasted,” so
They gathered up the pieces and they filled
Twelve baskets, and the people saw this sign
And said, “This is the prophet who shall come

Into the world.” Then Jesus had to go
Across to Gennesaret, where God willed
He heal the sick, and people brought them by.
They begged to touch his cloak, its edge, and none

Was turned away, and all who touched the edge
Of it were healed. A woman Canaanite
From that vicinity came up and cried,
“Lord, Son of David, mercy! For a demon

Torments my girl, who suffers like a wretch,”
But Jesus said that he was sent as light
To the lost sheep of Israel, their guide:
“It’s wrong to take the children’s bread and freely

Toss it to dogs,” he said. “Yes it is, Lord,”
She said, “but even dogs eat crumbs that fall
From their master’s table,” then the Lord replied,
“Woman, you have great faith, and your request

Is granted,” and her daughter at that moment
Was healed; then Jesus left Tyre’s region, walked
To the Sea of Galilee through Sidon,
And as his miracles had so impressed

Them, they brought him a deaf mute and implored
Jesus to lay his hand on him, so he
Took him aside, away from crowds, and placed
His fingers in his ears, and spat, and touched

His tongue, and looking heavenward, the Lord
Sighed and uttered, Ephphatha,” that is, “Be
Opened,” and his ears opened with no trace
Of blockage, and his tongue was freed, so much

So he spoke plainly. Jesus said, “Don’t speak
About this,” but the more he said, “Don’t talk
About this,” they all the more proclaimed it.
And they were staggered, saying, “He has done

All things well, even making deaf men hear
And the mute speak.” Then Jesus left and walked
Along the Sea of Galilee to sit
Upon a mountain that he’d climbed for one-

On-one encounters with the lame, the blind,
The mute, the crippled, and a host of others,
And Jesus healed them all, which stunned the crowds,
Who praised the God of Israel. He asked

For his disciples and told them, “The time
Is right to feed these people, all our brothers,
Who’ve been with me three days; I can’t allow
Them to leave hungry, when they might collapse

Along the way,” and his disciples said,
“Where could we get some bread so far from towns,
Enough to feed this crowd?” “How many loaves
Do you have?” Jesus asked them. “Seven,” they

Replied, “and a few small fish.” So he led
By telling everybody to sit on ground.
He took the seven loaves and fish, and broke
Them after he had given thanks, and gave

Disciples pieces, which they gave the people,
Who ate and were all satisfied. Disciples
Collected seven basketfuls of all
The extra broken pieces, and the crowd

Count was four thousand men who’d sat and eaten
There, plus the women and the children by
The men, and after Jesus sent the throng
Away, he took the boat and traveled down

To the vicinity of Magadan,
Then they came to Bethsaida, where some pleaded
With Him to heal a blind man, so he took
The blind man by the hand and led him outside

Town, spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands
On them, then asked, “Do you see anything?”
Looking up, he said, “I see men; they look
Like walking trees.” Jesus touched the man’s eyes

Again: His eyes were opened and his sight
Came back, and he saw things with clarity.
As Jesus went, He saw a man born blind.
“While in the world, I’m the world’s light,” he said,

Then he spit upon the ground, and with saliva
He made some mud with his dexterity,
And put it on the man’s eyes. He said kindly,
“Go wash in the Siloam Pool” (which means “Sent”),

So the man washed and came home seeing, though
His neighbors weren’t sure he was the same man;
And Pharisees, the jealous Jewish leaders,
Insulted and attacked the man when he

Twice told how the man Jesus had restored
His sight, but they claimed Jesus’ helping hand
Was sinful, while the healed man disagreed
And told them, “I was blind and now I see.”

March 22: “Miracles of Jesus” (7/12) by Day Williams

Rubens, “Paying the Temple Tax”


Some Pharisees heard him say this and asked,
“What? Are we blind too?” Jesus said, “If you
Were blind, your sinful guilt would not stay ‘round,
But since you claim to see, your guilt remains.”

A father gave the Lord another task:
He said a demon seized his son and threw
Him on the dust so that he foamed at the mouth,
Ground his teeth and turned rigid as a cane.

Disciples failed to throw the demon out,
And Jesus remonstrated everyone
For lack of faith and asked, “How long must I
Put up with you? Bring me the boy.” They did,

But the demon saw the Lord and it thrust down
The boy onto the ground in a convulsion.
“The spirit often throws him in the fire
Or into water, trying to kill him,”

The Father said. “Have mercy, help us, if
You can.” “What do you mean, if I can?” Jesus
Asked. “Anything is possible if one
Believes.” The father cried, “I do believe,

But help me overcome my unbelief!”
“You deaf-mute spirit,” Jesus said, “you’ll flee
This boy and never go in him again.”
At this, the spirit screamed and it did leave

The boy after it had convulsed him one
More time: The boy seemed dead. The people muttered,
“He’s dead,” but Jesus took him by the hand,
Helped him to his feet, and he stood, straight-backed.

“Nothing’s impossible beneath the sun
For those with faith,” He said, “no matter what
The world may say.” Then the tax men demanded
To know if Jesus paid the temple tax,

And Peter said He did, and Jesus asked,
“Do kings collect a tax from their own children
Or others?” Peter said, “From others.” “For
The children are exempt,” said Jesus, “but

So that we may not cause offense, go catch
A fish and in its mouth you’ll find, with skill,
A coin to take and pay my tax and yours.”
Then they brought him a man who was beset

By a demon which had made him mute and blind,
And Jesus healed him so that he could see
And talk. Astonished, people asked, “Could this
Be David’s Son?” One Sabbath Jesus taught

Within a synagogue, as he was kind,
And a woman there, bent like a storm-tossed tree
Because a spirit crippled her–no bliss–
Came when He called her to clear up this blot

The devil had put on God’s child. “Woman, you’re
Set free from your infirmity,” he said,
And put hands on her: At once she stood erect
And praised the Lord, but because it was the Sabbath,

The leader of the synagogue came forth,
Said, “We’ve six days for work. Come and be healed
Those days, not Sabbaths.” But the Lord rejected
His view and said, “You hypocrites and crabs!

Don’t you on Sabbaths take your ox and lead
It out for water? Then should not this woman,
Daughter of Abraham, whom Satan’s bound
For eighteen years, be set free on the Sabbath?”




March 20: “Miracles of Jesus” (5/12) by Day Williams


Two blind men followed Jesus as he left
And went into the house where he’d stayed a while.
“Have mercy on us, Son of David!” screamed
The blind men, and he asked, “Do you pursue

Me in the faith that I can make you see?”
“Yes, Lord,” they said, “we do.” He touched their eyes
And said, “Due to your faith, so will it be.”
Their eyes were opened and they could now see.

He told them to tell this to nobody–
Instead, they spread his stardom far and wide.
After they left, men brought a man to Jesus,
A man demon-possessed who could not speak.

“Paintings Series” by Day Williams

“Paintings Series” by Day Williams

bear cross 1 10mb

Custom Print

“Emerald Bay Sunset”


Three Friends, made with color markers
Three Friends, made with color markers

Custom Print


Moonflowers 10mb   Moonflowers

Custom Print of “Moonflowers”


Farmer's Market 0616 10mb

Farmer’s Market, Carson City

Custom Print


snout 10mb


Custom Print



bird head 10mb

Bird Head

Bird Head Custom Print


spring explosion 10mb

Print of “Spring Explosion”

Postcard of “Spring Explosion”

portrait of a woman 10mb

Postcard of “Portrait of a Woman”

Print of “Portrait of a Woman”

Moses Burning Bush 10mb

“Moses and the Burning Bush” Postcard

Before the Bush,
His life was stalled,
But that changed with
A noble call.


happy to see you again 10mb

“Happy to See You Again” Postcard

You left and went

Away, my friend,

I’m happy I

See you again.


Painting of a face
Painting of a face

“Face It” Custom Print or Greeting Card

“Face It” Postcard

Face it, feel it,

Defeat its hold,

Heat it, refine

It ’til it’s gold.


aspen grove summer 10mb

“Aspen Grove, Summer” Postcard

butterfly 10mb

Butterfly Postcard



“Ascension” Postcard

“Ascension” Custom Print or Greeting Card


The same man who’d

Been crucified

Blessed them and left,

Ascending high.


Acrylic painting, Pollock-style, of Fourth of July.
Acrylic painting, Pollock-style, of Fourth of July.

Fourth of July postcard

The fireworks flamed

Red, white and blue

To celebrate

How freedom grew.

Joshua 12 tribes 10MB

“Joshua’s Twelve Tribes” Postcard



Inferno 2mb

Inferno Postcard

Though many joke,

Their heads so swelled,

Christ said that some

Would burn in hell.

Rainbow_Romp 10mb

“Rainbow Romp” Postcard

The rainbow means

God won’t flood earth,

And after storms

It means new birth.


Stone Mother and Basket at Pyramid Lake in Nevada

“Stone Mother and Basket” Poster

“Stone Mother and Basket” Greeting Card or Custom Print



Painting of unborn child
Painting of unborn child

Unborn Child #3


Patchwork Giraffe.10mb

Postcard of “Patchwork Giraffe” 

Print of “Patchwork Giraffe”


Blue Bridge 10mb

Postcard of “Blue Bridge”

Print of “Blue Bridge”

rolling along 10mb

Postcard of “Rolling Along”

Rolling along,

Painting a song,

And feeling strong,

For art is long.



Matthew Chapter Ten


1 He called his twelve disciples to him and

Gave them authority to drive out evil

Spirits and heal all kinds of sickness and


Disease. 2 These are the twelve apostles’ names:

First, Simon (who’s called Peter) and his brother

Andrew; James son of Zebedee, and John,


His brother; 3 Philip and Bartholomew;

Thomas; the tax collector, Matthew; James

Alphaeus’ son, and Thaddaeus; 4 and Simon


The Zealot and Judas Iscariot,

The traitor. 5 These twelve Jesus sent out with

The following instructions: “Do not go


Among the Gentiles or Samaritans.

6 Go rather to the lost sheep in the house

Of Israel. 7 Go and announce to them


That Heaven’s Kingdom is near. 8 Heal the sick,

Raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons.

Freely you have received, so freely give.


9 Do not take any gold or silver or

Copper along with you, 10 and take no bag

For the excursion, and no extra clothes


Or sandals or a staff; the worker’s worth

His keep. 11 Whatever town or village that

You enter, search for some respected man


There; stay with him until you leave. 12 As you

Enter the home, give it your blessing. 13 If

The home deserves it, let your peace come rest


On it; if it is not, then let your peace

Return to you. 14 If none will welcome you

Or listen to your words, shake off the dust


From your feet as you leave that home or town.

15 Believe me, Sodom and Gomorrah will

Fare better on the day of judgment than


That town. 16 I send you out like sheep among

Wolves, so be shrewd as snakes, as innocent

As doves, 17 but be on guard against men; they


Will hand you over to the courts and flog

You in their synagogues. 18 On my account

You will be brought in front of governors


And kings as witnesses to them and to

The Gentiles, 19 but when they arrest you, don’t

Worry about how you should speak or what


To say, 20 for you’ll be told then what to say,

For it will not be you who speaks– instead,

The Spirit of your Father will be speaking


Through you: 21 A brother will betray a brother

To death; a father will betray his child,

And children will rebel against their parents


And have them killed. 22 All men will hate you due

To me, but he who stands firm to the end

Will be saved. 23 When you’re persecuted in


One place, flee to another. I tell you

The truth, you will not finish going through

The towns of Israel before the Son


Of Man arrives. 24 A student’s not above

His teacher and a servant’s not above

His master. 25 It suffices for the student


That he be like his teacher, that the servant

Be like his master. If the household head

Is called ‘The Evil Prince,’ what sort of names


Will they give to his servants? 26 But don’t be

Afraid of them. There’s nothing now concealed

That will not be exposed, or hidden that


Will not be known. 27 The things I tell you in

The darkness, you should speak in daylight; what

Is whispered in your ear, proclaim from roofs.


28 Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body

But cannot kill the soul. Instead, be scared

Of him who can destroy both soul and body


In fires of hell. 29 Two sparrows sell for one

Penny, don’t they? Yet not a single one

Of them can fall to earth without your Father


Knowing. 30 The very hairs upon your head

Are numbered, 31 so don’t be afraid; you’re worth

More than a flock of sparrows. 32 Every man


Who publicly acknowledges me, I’ll

Acknowledge in front of my Father in

Heaven, 33 but every man who shall disown


Me publicly, I will disown to my

Father in heaven. 34 Don’t suppose that I

Have come to bring peace to the earth. I did


Not come to bring peace, but a sword, 35 for I

Have come to turn ‘a man against his father,

A girl against her mother, and a daughter-


In-law against her mother-in-law’− 36 right

In his own home a man will have his worst

Enemies. 37 Anyone who loves his father


Or mother more than me does not deserve

To be mine; anyone who loves his son

Or daughter more than me does not deserve


To be mine; 38 and the one who does not take

His cross and follow me does not deserve

Me. 39 He who finds his life will lose it; he


Who gives it up for me will find it. 40 Those

Who welcome you are welcoming me. When

They welcome me, they welcome God who sent


Me. 41 Anyone who greets a prophet just

Because he is a prophet will receive

The same reward a prophet gains; he who


Receives a righteous man because he is

A righteous man will gain a righteous man’s

Reward, 42 and if you, as my follower,


Give even a cold cup of water to

A little child, believe me, serves the Lord,

And he will surely not lose his reward.”



Matthew Chapter Nine



So Jesus stepped into a boat, crossed over

And came to his own town. 2 Immediately

Some people brought a paralytic, who


Was lying on a mat, to him. 3 When Jesus

Witnessed their faith, he told the paralytic,

“Cheer up, my son; for I’ve forgiven all


Your sins.” At this, some teachers of the law

Said to themselves, “This man is blaspheming!”

4 Jesus, knowing what they were thinking, said,


“Why do you entertain such evil thoughts?

5 Do you think it is easier to say,

‘I have forgiven all your sins,’ or say,


‘Get up and walk’? 6 But so that you will know

The Son of Man has full authority

Upon earth to forgive sins . . ..” Then he told


The paralytic, “Get up, take your mat,

And go home.” 7 The man got up and went home,

8 And when the crowd saw what had happened they


Were filled with awe and they praised God for giving

Men such authority. 9 As Jesus went

From there, he saw a man named Matthew who


Sat at his desk within the booth for tax

Collectors. “Follow me,” he said, and Matthew

Got up and followed him. 10 While Jesus was


Dining in Matthew’s house, a lot of tax

Collectors and disreputable people

Arrived and ate with him and his disciples.


11 Now when the Pharisees saw this, they asked

His followers, “Why does your teacher eat

With tax collectors and such sinners?” 12 On


Hearing this, Jesus said, “The healthy do

Not need a doctor, but the sick, 13 But go

And learn the meaning of this: ‘I desire


Mercy, not sacrifice,’ for I have not

Come to invite the righteous, but the sinners.”

14 Then John’s disciples came and asked him, “How


Is it we and the Pharisees observe

The fasts, but your disciples do not fast?”

15 Jesus replied, “How can the bridegroom’s guests


Mourn while he is with them? The time will come

When he’ll be taken from them; then they’ll fast.

16 “No one will sew a patch of unshrunk cloth


On an old garment, for the patch will pull

Away, making the tear worse; 17 neither do

Men pour new wine into old wineskins. If


They do, the skins will burst, the wine will run

Out and the wineskins will be ruined. No,

They pour new wine into new wineskins, and


Both are preserved.” 18 While he was saying this,

A ruler came and knelt before him, saying,

“My daughter has just died, but come and put


Your hand on her, and she will live.” 19 So Jesus

Arose and went with him, and so did his

Disciples. 20 On the way a woman who


Had had a hemorrhage for twelve years approached

Him from behind and touched his garment’s hem.

21 She told herself, “If I can only touch


His cloak, I will be healed,” 22 and Jesus turned

Around and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he

Told her, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman


Was healed right then. 23 When Jesus went inside

The ruler’s house and saw flute players and

The noisy crowd, he said, “You must all go


Outside. 24 The girl’s not dead but fast asleep.”

At this they laughed at him, 25 but once the crowd

Had been put outside, he went in, took


The girl’s hand, and she rose; 26 and news about

This spread throughout that region. 27 Jesus went

Along from there, two blind men followed him


And called, “Have mercy on us, Son of David!”

28 When he had gone indoors, the blind men came

To him, and he inquired, “Do you believe


That I can do this?” “Yes, Lord,” they replied,

29 And then he touched their eyes and said, “By your

Own faith it will be done to you;” 30 and then


They had their sight restored, but Jesus warned

Them, “See that no one knows of this.” 31 But they

Went out and spread the news about him ‘round


That area. 32 While they were going out,

He met a man who couldn’t speak because a demon

Possessed him. 33 Jesus cast the demon out


And instantly the man could talk. The crowd,

Amazed, said, “Israel has never seen

A thing like this.” “It’s by the demons’ prince,”


34 The Pharisees declared, “he drives the demons out.”

35 Jesus traveled around through all the towns

And villages; he taught in synagogues


And preached the kingdom’s good news, and he healed

Every disease and sickness. 36 When he saw

The crowds, he had compassion on them, for


They were confused and miserable like sheep

Without a shepherd, 37 and he said to his

Disciples, “Yes, the harvest’s plentiful


And yet the workers are so few, 38 so pray

The harvest’s Lord to escalate the yield,

Will send more workers to his harvest field.”