Poems from Exodus

(Exodus 2:1-10)

Baby Moses

A basket has

The boy enclosed;

Along the Nile

The baby goes.


(Exodus 2:11, 12)


God’s leader who

Had high command

Had killed a man,

Hid him in sand.


(Exodus 3:1-10)

From in a Bush

From in a bush

God called his man

To lead slaves to

The Promised Land.


(Exodus 3:6)

Moses +Hid His Face

He hid his face;

He was afraid

To see the Lord,

Who’d come to aid.


(Exodus 3:14)

I Am Who I Am

God told him, “I
am who I am,”

And he’s the Lord,

The Paschal Lamb.




(Exodus 4:21-23)

Let My Son Go

Israel is

My firstborn son;

Let him go, my

Beloved one.


(Exodus 5:1, 8:1, 9:1)

Moses: Let My People Go

“Let people go,”

He told the king,

Who said, “I won’t

Give them a thing.”


(Exodus 20:1-17, Dt. 5:6-21)

Ten Commandments

Commandments: Ten,

Easy to learn—

Without God’s grace

We would all burn.


(Exodus 22:6)


If you start fires

And burn some wheat,

Pay owners back

And do not cheat.


(Exodus 22:19, Lev. 18:23,

20:15-16, Dt. 27:21)

No Bestiality

Do not have sex

With any beast,

Or you’ll be cursed

From west to east.



(Exodus 22:21)

The Aliens

Do not oppress

The aliens—

In Egypt, men,

You were like them.


(Exodus 23:2)

Don’t Follow Crowds

Don’t follow crowds

In doing wrong;

Maintain your faith

And keep it strong.


(Exodus 23:7)

You Kill the Child

You kill the child

And wink at sin;

Don’t think that God

Will sit and grin.


(Exodus 25:31-40)

66 Parts

Sixty-six parts,

The candlestick;

The Bible’s books

Are sixty-six.


(Exodus 31:15)

The Sabbath Rest

The seventh day,

The Sabbath Rest:

Who works then shall

Be put to death.