John Mason’s Nugget of the Week, a Heartfelt Prayer from Proverbs 28

Nugget of the Week
A Heartfelt Prayer
from Proverbs 28 for June 28

Lord, I see that wicked people spend their lives running from things that aren’t after them. But, those who are pure and honest in their dealings can always be as bold as a lion. So teach me, Lord, to be a person of understanding who lives a rock-solid life. Keep me from oppressing the poor in any way. I choose never to turn my back on Your Word or praise the wicked. Instead, I’ll follow Your Word and oppose evil people. I will never turn a deaf ear to Your Word, Lord, so my prayers will be pleasing to You.

Lord, let me see today how important it is to have integrity, because it is better to have integrity and be poor than to be evil with great riches. As I seek Your counsel, I want to know what is right. Is there any area of my life today where I lack integrity? Is there anything You want me to change or do differently?

Lord, I commit to follow Your Word and to be a discerning person. Let me see today, Lord, that evil people who make themselves richer by cheating others with excessive interest eventually lose whatever they gained.

Lord, help me to steer good people away from bad choices today. I want to be blameless and receive a good reward from You. As I prosper, help me to avoid becoming wise in my own eyes.

I choose not to cover up my sins today because I won’t prosper if I do that. Rather, I confess and abandon them, asking for Your mercy and forgiveness. I will be reverent to You today and as a result, become a happy, blessed person. Remove from me a hard heart; I don’t want the calamity and trouble arrogance produces.

Lead me away from wicked leaders who take advantage of others. Lord, please help me never to oppress others that I lead. I choose to hate dishonesty and ill-gotten gain. This decision prolongs my life. Help me to walk blamelessly so I will be kept safe. Deliver me from any perverse ways that could make me fall. I choose to work hard with what’s in my hand to do. I don’t chase after unimportant things or play around and by doing that, I’ll keep poverty out of my life.

Lord, I want to be faithful to You and abound with blessings today. Keep me from trying to get rich quick because that will only make me poor. Help me to treat fairly everyone I know. Let me not hesitate when it’s right to correct someone. As hard as it may seem at the moment, I know I’ll find more favor with that person later than I would if I had flattered him or her. I choose to never steal from my mother or father. If I do that, it is like becoming best friends with a criminal.

Remove from me a proud heart that stirs up strife today. Remind me of how foolish it is to depend on my own heart. Rather, let me always trust in You and prosper. Send people into my life who are full of wisdom so I will be kept safe. Finally, Lord, send opportunities my way today to give to the poor, then I will lack nothing in my life.

– John Mason, from the book, Proverbs Prayers