Obamacare Decision Detrimental

Ruckus_Tom • 17 hours ago −
This decision will be remembered as one of the most detrimental in the history of the court and our country. While the American people lost in this case, they will prevail in November when the people have the final say on the president’s unpopular bill at the ballot box.
Ha. Check out a few of the “man on the street” segments on Jay Leno’s show. A majority of Americans don’t even know what state they’re living in.

Dear leader’s just given every one free healthcare. You’d better believe he’s going to make sure all the dunderheads (53% of the electorate) know about it.

And this gives him the backing for all sorts of other goodies to offer the masses.

Do you have student loans? Dear leader will take care of them for you.

Is your mortgage under water? Dear leader can take care of that too.

Need a new car? Dear leader will give you one – it’ll have to be a Chevy Volt though.

Need a job? Dear leader has another round of stimuli just waiting to be passed for more of those shovel ready jobs.

All these gifts to the masses can be made if those mean ole Republicans would just get out of the way.

Ah well. It won’t matter.

Dear leader has all sorts of Executive Orders already written to get these things done.

All you “man on the street” types have to do is vote. Vote for Dear leader.

It’s time to start thinking about going off grid.